Secretary Kerry - the Global Warming Climate Change Catastrophe is Cancelled and Carbon is Beneficial to Economy say Friends of Science

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Friends of Science dispute Secretary of State John Kerry’s claims that Indonesia is at risk from human-caused climate change and debunk the notion that carbon is pollution, noting that carbon dioxide drives agricultural productivity and related economic benefits. Based on the last 10 years of evidence, the predicted global warming climate catastrophe has been cancelled; therefore EPA definitions of carbon as well as the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory should be revised accordingly say Friends of Science adding that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not CO2.

97% Consensus claim turns out to be math myth

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Carbon dioxide is an essential part of the life-force of earth – you breathe it out at 40,000 ppm...Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant

Secretary of State John Kerry’s Feb. 16, 2014 speech in Jakarta, Indonesia repeatedly referred to a 97% consensus on an imminent climate change crisis, and made terrifying claims about sea level rise. Friends of Science are reporting good news – the past 10 years of evidence show that the predicted climate catastrophe has been cancelled. They also cite a recent report showing the alleged 97% consensus on climate change is a math manipulation.

“Evidence up to about 10 years ago seemed to indicate that Anthropogenic (human-caused) Global Warming could be a serious problem; that is not the case today,” says Ken Gregory, Director of Research for Friends of Science. “The climate response to CO2 is about 22% of the IPCC estimate, as per our CERES satellite and climate sensitivity report.”

Climate scientist Judith Curry’s recent testimony to the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works on January 16, 2014 supports the view that “...CO2 is not a control knob on climate variability...”

“People thought more carbon dioxide (CO2) would mean warmer temperatures,” says Gregory. “Global warming stopped naturally 16 plus years ago despite a rise in CO2.”

Kerry also referred to ‘carbon pollution’ in his speech.

“Carbon dioxide is an essential part of the life-force of earth – you breathe it out at 40,000 ppm,” says Gregory. “Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.”

The Environmental Protection Agency in the US defined carbon dioxide as a pollutant in 2007. Presently some 75 US Chambers of Commerce challenge the push for new EPA regulations on carbon and greenhouse gases and industry organizations are arguing against additional climate targets.

As reported by Reuters Feb. 24, 2014 the Supreme Court is evaluating “whether the administration of President Barack Obama exceeded its authority when crafting the nation's first greenhouse gas emissions regulations.”

Friends of Science denounce the President’s moves as misinformed.

“Estimates of social cost of “carbon” grossly exaggerates the cost and ignores all the benefits,” says Gregory. “Richard Tol of the University of Sussex reports that the warming to 1998 has actually improved crop production world-wide. It is responsible for an increased global economic welfare by 1.4%, about US$ 1.2 Trillion.”

Gregory notes that, "the 20th century warming was nominal - just 0.75 °C (1.35 °F) - and is well within or below previous estimated highs such as the Roman Optimum (250 B.C – 450 A.D.) when Hannibal crossed the Alps on elephants."

Friends of Science challenge Kerry’s assertion that there is a 97% consensus, pointing to their recent deconstruction of the 4 most-cited consensus surveys, finding that ‘statisticulation’ – manipulation of math – had been used to artificially arrive at the 97% figure.

“There’s no consensus, not even close. They’re fooling you,” says Gregory.

Friends of Science hold the position that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not CO2 and not you.


Friends of Science have spent a decade reviewing a broad spectrum of literature on climate change and have concluded the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2). The core group of the Friends of Science is made up of retired earth and atmospheric scientists.

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