Supreme Breath™ Products Offer Total Elimination of Bad Breath

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Researched at the National Breath Center, Supreme Breath Tru-ACTIVE Chlorine Dioxide Provides 99.9% Long Lasting Elimination of Bad Breath

Supreme Breath Mouthwash

Supreme Breath Tru-Active chlorine dioxide provides long-lasting elimination of bad breath.

Supreme Breath mouthwash and toothpaste containing Tru-Active chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is now available from the National Breath Center, Used by thousands of patients, it is the most effective at-home treatment for the elimination of bad breath.

Bad breath is caused by volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), the waste products of bacteria that live on the tongue and under the gums and cause the odor of bad breath. Supreme Breath mouthwash and toothpaste kills these bacteria on contact and neutralizes the odor causing compounds within seconds.

Unlike over-the-counter- breath products which cover-up one odor with a more pleasant one, Tru-ACTIVE chlorine dioxide is the only product that kills 100% of odor-causing bacteria in 30 seconds without harming oral tissue. It is also the only chlorine dioxide brand available with which allows the user to vary its concentration for different purposes.

Highlighted in the book Beating Bad Breath - The CURE! Supreme Breath mouthwash and toothpaste are an integral part of the Beating Bad Breath Protocol that has helped thousands eliminate their bad breath at home. Supreme Breath was chosen over other products at the National Breath Center for its long-lasting effects, its pleasant taste and effervescence, and its ability to eliminate bad breath on contact.

Unlike other products that claim to use chlorine dioxide in a “stabilized” form, yet actually contain no chlorine dioxide, Supreme Breath mouthwash and toothpaste are the only products with Tru-Active chlorine dioxide which provides the utmost level of bacterial kill and odor elimination. Tru-ACTIVE ClO2 releases chlorine dioxide at a physiologic pH, close to the pH of saliva, and optimized for use in the oral cavity. Supreme Breath Tru-ACTIVE ClO2 is provided in two separate containers to be mixed on demand, giving it a long shelf-life and allowing the user to vary the concentration – a property unique to Supreme Breath Mouthwash.

When mixed, Supreme Breath™ Tru-ACTIVE ClO2 releases oxygen in a very active state and attaches itself to the VSCs, the odor molecules, changing their chemical composition immediately and eliminating the odor. Its extraordinary bacteria kill rate occurs because it breaks the cell wall of the bacteria that are the cause of mouth odor and gum disease. Since human cells do not have cell walls, human tissue is not affected so Supreme Breath products are non-toxic and the bacteria cannot build up any resistance to Tru-ACTIVE ClO2.


  •     Instantly eliminates bad breath
  •     100% halitosis bacterial kill rate in 30 seconds
  •     NOT a cover-up
  •     Kills bacteria that cause gum disease
  •     User varies concentration
  •     Non-toxic
  •     Loosens coating on tongue and teeth
  •     Pleasant effervescence
  •     Tastes great
  •     Research tested

For more information regarding Supreme Breath products and the Beating Bad Breath Protocol, contact the National Breath Center,

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