ADVS-technologies Receives Patent - Improving Item Transaction with Real Time Controls and Navigation

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The patent No. US 8,695,872 from ADVS-technologies describes a configurable real-time control system which sustains superior quality of food items at grocery stores, and navigates customers within the stores to ensure their most pleasant shopping experience.

It is about the quality of food products we purchase, which are guaranteed by the patented technology. It is also about providing customers with real-time navigation to ensure the most pleasant shopping experience possible.

ADVS-Technologies recognizes that time is valuable to store customers, while quality of purchased food products is essential to maintain quality of life. These ideas are transposed in the ADVS’ patent No. US 8,695,872 “Improving Item Transaction with real Time Controls and Navigation”, issued by the USPTO on April 15, 2014.

“The invention, trade-marked as Я-store™,” according to inventor Zack Braunstein, “represents a significant step forward, delivering superior level of customer services, while providing environment which helps to sustain quality of food products available at grocery stores.”

Grocery stores have made significant progress in automating transactions, including enhancing and expanding self-serve checkout lanes, etc. Still, there is a need for improvements, particularly in the area of providing better assurance to customers about true quality of food products presented at the grocery stores.

“We all shop for food periodically,” says inventor Braunstein. “Unfortunately,” continues Braunstein, “there are occasions, while unloading purchased items at home, we find that the product shelf life expired, and as result, it is no longer meets the product specifications. In addition, there is no guarantee that other important specifications parameters, such as ambient temperature, was maintained at all times inside the area of the store where the product was stored.”

Good stores periodically examine the ambient temperatures of their refrigerated sections, as well as the product shelf life, etc. It is done manually, and as result, the process lacks consistency, and is subject to lapses of monitoring times. Free access to open package items, including majority of vegetables and fruit items, raises additional concerns related to items quality.

In contrast, the Я-store™ patented technology operates as an automatic control system, which in real-time continuously monitoring all essential actual product storage parameters. Some parameters such as ambient temperature and humidity are maintained by the patented system automatically. The Я-store™ patented technology in real-time automatically rejects or removes from circulation food items which are not sustained within specifications, and informs the provider. In addition, the system controls and monitors access to open package items such as vegetables and fruits, allowing access by authorized customers only.

These layers of continuous real-time quality controls implemented by the Я-store™ patented technology ensure only 100% quality items are sold to a customer.

The scalable automation supported by the Я-store™ patented technology is cost efficient and versatile for any store selling grocery items, regardless of store location or size. The technology will allow implementation of top level quality operations for any specific store selling food items, while maintaining competitiveness in product pricing.

Я-stores™ can range from sophisticated small scale grocery stores which provide excellent service for busy customers in crowded downtown city areas, up to super large scale grocery stores.

“The bottom line,” concludes Braunstein, “it is about the quality of food products we purchase, which are guaranteed by the patented technology. It is also about providing customers with real-time navigation to ensure the most pleasant shopping experience possible.”

According to Braunstein, once the technology is developed, an investment of as little as $250K can setup an Я-store™. A small scale grocery oriented Я-store™ while delivering superior quality of products and services, can be operated by one person supervising transactions and one additional support person sustaining the required inventory.

For the ones curious about the name: the letter “R” is “mirrored” toward the customer side, just as the one in the “Я-World™”, emphasizing the intention of providing the best possible service for customers.

About ADVS-Technologies:
ADVS-Technologies is a young and ambitious company specializing in the development of innovative proprietary technologies with an extensive portfolio of patented technology in the areas of illumination systems, power distribution systems, pharmacy, store automation, and transport systems. The objective of ADVS-Technologies is to provide effective and efficient environmentally friendly solutions with the intent of improving quality of services.

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