“New Ingredient” for Natural Products Enhances Efficacy

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Vital Force Technology, Research & Science division of Energy Tools International, introduces new ingredient enhancements to deliver authentic, innovative solutions for natural product manufacturers.

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Research & Science Division of Energy Tools International LLC

Formulation scientists tasked with developing formulations often face many challenges. To distinguish their product, product scientists employ formulation strategies to enhance efficacy. Vital Force Technology™, Research & Science division of Energy Tools International (VFT), has created a library of energetic patterns that can be used to enhance the amount of health-promoting substances in their products. Vital Force Technology™ library holds more than 4,000 energetic patterns, all tested to produce stable, effective and repeatable results. In essence, by adding energetic enhancements, natural product formulators can significantly speed up their formulation’s effectiveness thus making their formula work faster.

The Vital Force Technology™ imprinting process produces significant enhancements of high quality ingredients through a consistent, repeatable, standardized, high-volume production system. The Vital Force Technology™ process creates a point of differentiation that goes beyond marketing hype. It brings with it the ability to improve the properties of substances to diminish harmful side effects and enhances efficacy. Experiments conducted by Beech Tree Labs and other third party testing labs, indicate that Vital Force Technology™ is applicable to induce beneficial effects in seed germination and growth, animal health, cell culture, and brain function.

One of the major observations on the use of Vital Force Technology™ formulas over time is its ability to enhance and speed up the biological actions of all other nutritional and therapeutic attributes. Vital Force Technology™ infused concentrated trace minerals now become an ingredient that can be added to any product; the synergistic effect of combining natural products with Vital Force Technology™ formulas dramatically restores the ability of the body’s organs to effectively perform their functions and fully utilize the attributes you want to deliver.

“Vital Force Technology’s formulas can work within a product without changing proprietary blends or ingredient formulas,” says Constance Kronn, CEO and co-founder of Energy Tools International. “Vital Force Technology’s formulas are also used to create a sustainable supply of rare and high-grade ingredients.”

The infusing process can be applied to substances of all types from liquids to powders to solids. The system has been designed to accommodate large volumes. Currently operating three different multi-station infusing systems capable of accommodating many types of material – liquid, powder, solids, and sizes of containers – from small research samples to 55-gallon drums. VFT equipment and manufacturing processes have been built to scale-up easily, as needed, and our ever-expanding infusing system makes it both easy and cost-effective to add subtle subatomic energy to many substances.

Vital Force Technology is founded by former Soviet Union, radio-physicist and inventor Dr. Yury Kronn who developed the first multi-photon tunable generator in the 1980s. Dr. Kronn’s profound discoveries about the behaviors of subtle energy led him to invent Vital Force Technology which is based on new understandings into the hidden interactions between sub-atomic energies and particles of matter.

For more information, visit their website at: http://vitalforcetechnology.com.

About Energy Tools International LLC
Founded in 2000 by Russian Radio-Physicist and Inventor Dr. Yury Kronn, and President and CEO, Constance Kronn. This forward thinking attitude and scientific approach, coupled with decades of experience in cutting-edge quantum physics research, has built a global company that is uniquely positioned to deliver superior quality products and services, offering all natural health solutions to customers in 40 countries. http://www.energytoolsint.com

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