Coin Pursuit Launches SliceFeeds Interactive Cryptocurrency Network

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Digital currency investors are familiar with the noise and clutter that can be found on social media outlets and industry forums, and that tracking down specific information can waste valuable time. Online cryptocurrency resource Coin Pursuit is introducing their networking portal called SliceFeeds™, which is designed to create a more straightforward environment for digital currency enthusiasts and merchants.

SliceFeeds offers a unique and focused community setting, where investors, enthusiasts and businesses can learn and educate one another, as well as promote their products and services through a proprietary content dissemination platform.

Recently, the Coin Pursuit cryptocurrency information website has established a reputation within the industry as a no-nonsense resource for digital currency traders and enthusiasts. Their development team has been working on a unique interactive element for their website, designed to complement the original content and resource links Coin Pursuit already provides. Now that beta testing and tweaking have been completed, the company is announcing the official launch of this new service being offered to their readers. They have named it SliceFeeds.

SliceFeeds has a social media network feel to it, with similar personal connectivity features. Whereas many digital currency forums often have long threads where specific and unbiased information is difficult to find, SliceFeeds is being offered up as a cleaner and more efficient alternative. Additionally, it is positioned as a network strictly for cryptocurrency traders and merchants, eliminating the need for users to sort through unrelated or irrelevant information, as they would on the more generalized social media outlets. It offers a tight and focused community setting, where investors, enthusiasts and businesses can learn and educate one another, as well as promote their products and services.

Some of the major features of the network are as follows:

Network Rankings: SliceFeeds' main page features tables that show, by category, the popularity of digital currency types, wallets and exchanges, and these are updated in real time as members make changes to their personal preferences. User rankings—which are generated by several factors, such as their number of followers, overall activity and so forth—are shown here, as well. Users who earn higher rankings will enjoy higher visibility on this page, which can help generate more interest in their input.

SliceFeeds also has a unique rumor-ranking feature; if a member hears a rumor, they can submit it to their fellow members, who can then vote on its validity. Rumors that have been verified by the network's membership, based on a percentage of members, will appear in their own ranking table here; debunked rumors will not make the listings at all. Other tips, conversations, links and videos from all members show in this public feed for users to interact and find other members to follow.

Profile Creation: Once a user joins the network—signing up is free—they can adjust several settings on their profile page, effectively creating their own personal network-within-the-network. Privacy settings will allow them to select who sees what they post, from the general public down to just the people who subscribe to their feeds. These settings can be set individually for each category of posts (or Slices, in the network lingo) a user makes, including notes, tips, rumors, conversations, links and videos. From their profile page, they can create slices (similar to a tweet in Twitter) and watch the Slices of the people they follow, arrange their favorite currencies, exchanges and wallets, track their Slice feeds, and see a listing of the people they follow and who follow them.

Monetization: The SliceFeeds network presents a unique opportunity for the monetization of information, goods and services. Since its membership consists of those interested in alternative currencies, it also offers a concentrated and motivated base of customers for sellers who accept them as payment. Merchants can advertise their companies and wares, and bloggers and trading consultants can charge for subscriptions to their more exclusive content.

Privacy and Security: These are very important concepts in the cryptocurrency community. SliceFeeds' only requirements for membership are a user name and valid email address; no other personal information is required to set up an account. Additionally, no coins are stored on Coin Pursuit or SliceFeed’s servers; all transactions are made directly between members. Users who offer subscriptions will need to use their public keys in order to do so, but they are not required for general membership. Absolutely no member information will be shared with any outside parties.

Members will also be able to take advantage of the private messaging system on SliceFeeds. They simply select another member's profile, and click on the “Message User” button provided on that member's profile page.

No Trolling: One of the first things new members will notice is not on the SliceFeeds network is the lack of trolling that is common on some currency exchanges and forums. The SliceFeeds network is moderated, and no trolling, spamming or harassment is allowed. In addition, since the site is set-up based on popularity and follow-mechanics, any users who are not providing quality content will not be followed by other members.

The above listing is just a sample of the many features available with membership in the SliceFeeds network. Their development team will listen closely to member feedback, and new functions will be added as needed. With SliceFeeds, Coin Pursuit plans to revolutionize the way cryptocurrency investors and merchants exchange information, in an easy-to-use, uncluttered and noise-free environment.

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