Headline: Pioneering Periodontist Now Uses Four Different Lasers

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Dr. Eric Linden is a pioneer and innovator in the use of laser technologies to treat periodontal disease, bone loss around implants, and numerous other dental issues. He has now become one of the first periodontists in the world to possess and employ four different kinds of lasers.

When laser technology was first introduced as an alternative to conventional surgery in treating gum disease, Dr. Eric Linden was one of the first periodontists to utilize it. He had been using traditional surgical techniques for over twenty years. He was so impressed with his successful clinical results and positive experiences for his patients treated with the laser, that he replaced or supplemented conventional surgery with the laser in the majority of his cases.

After treating thousands of cases with the laser, he began speaking at periodontal and dental symposia about its efficacy, and soon began teaching Periodontists and other dental professionals in the use of lasers to treat gum disease, place and maintain dental implants, and related procedures. He is now a Clinical Professor of Periodontics and Oral Medicine at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York, teaching laser techniques to residents and faculty.

Conventional Methods vs. the Laser

Traditionally, Periodontists treated gum disease surgically using scalpels and sutures. Most still do. This modality is usually painful and involves a lengthy recovery. About ten years ago, a type of laser protocol known as LANAP™ (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure), was introduced. In most cases, LANAP™ allows the specially trained Periodontist to treat gum disease without invasive cutting and stitching.

The use of LANAP™ is growing rapidly. As with other professional skills, such as flying an airplane, there are many degrees of expertise in its use. Dr. Linden is not only active in educating the public and dental professionals on the value of the laser, but is one of the few Periodontists in the world to teach and train other Periodontists in its use.

Different Lasers for Different Procedures

In recent years, a variety of dental lasers have been developed, with more coming soon, each effective for specific conditions and procedures. While many dental professionals have not yet even begun to use a laser, Dr. Linden has incorporated four different types of lasers in his Manhattan and New Jersey periodontal practice. According to Dr. Linden, “Often, the key to a successful periodontal and implant treatment outcome is to use the appropriate laser, based on a thorough evaluation and clinical diagnosis.” When a patient presents with a periodontal/implant/soft tissue problem, Dr. Linden can customize and fine-tune the treatment and choose the appropriate and most effective laser for the best clinical outcome.

These four lasers include:

  •     ND/YAG, the kind used in LANAP™
  •     Erbium laser
  •     CO2 laser
  •     Diode laser

Dr. Linden uses one or more of these lasers for a variety of purposes:

  •     cosmetic gum reshaping,
  •     gum de-pigmentation,
  •     periodontal disease,
  •     bone loss,
  •     pocket reduction,
  •     gum (soft tissue) disease,
  •     bleeding,
  •     aiding placement and repairing bone loss around implants,
  •     achieving bone regeneration,
  •     site preservation during extractions for ridge preservation and future dental implant sites, and
  •     oral pathology (biopsies).

Additional benefits of using different wavelength lasers include:

  •     bio-stimulation,
  •     pain management,
  •     maintaining current patient medication regimens,
  •     minimal down time,
  •     accelerated healing response,
  •     no post-op bleeding, and
  •     minimal post-op swelling and pain.

Teaching and Clinical Instruction

In 2012, Dr. Eric Linden was appointed Clinical Professor in Dental Medicine at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York, where he teaches both traditional and laser surgical approaches to the post graduate periodontal and implant residents.

Dr. Linden currently lectures at universities, dental meetings, and symposia around the country. Additionally, Dr. Linden teaches the principles of laser physics, laser periodontal surgery, and practice management to groups of dentists from places such as Japan, Australia, Canada, and the US.

Dr. Eric Linden, a Certified Laser Instructor with the Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry is currently researching new treatment protocols with various lasers.



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