Dr. Nathan Gelder Honors Stroke Awareness Month by Raising Awareness of Stroke and Gum Disease Treatment in Port Townsend

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In an effort to bring greater attention to Stroke Awareness Month, Dr. Nathan Gelder educates periodontal disease patients on gum disease causes and the link between stroke and this oral infection. Patients are invited to seek minimally invasive gum disease treatment in Port Townsend from Dr. Gelder in the form of the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®).

Dr. Nathan Gelder honors Stroke Awareness Month by educating periodontal disease patients on common gum disease causes and the link between untreated gum disease symptoms and stroke. Patients who are dealing with mild to advanced gum disease symptoms are encouraged to seek minimally invasive laser gum disease treatment in Port Townsend by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Gelder right away.

Many periodontal disease patients are surprised to learn that there is a link between untreated gum disease symptoms and stroke. While most dental patients are aware of common gum disease causes, including insufficient flossing and brushing and genetics, they may not be aware of the many studies that show a link between strokes and untreated gum disease symptoms. These studies show that individuals who suffer from periodontal disease are at a much higher risk of suffering from a stroke than individuals who have healthy gum tissue. This may be due to the fact that gum disease puts stress on the immune system, causes excessive inflammation, and infects the body with harmful bacteria that can lead to blockages and blood clots in the heart. These blockages reduce the amount of oxygen that is able to flow to the brain and can consequently lead to a stroke. Patients who do not delay their gum disease treatment in Port Townsend may be able to reduce their risk of becoming stroke victims in the future.

Dr. Gelder seeks to help local periodontal disease patients reduce their risk of experiencing a stroke by offering minimally invasive gum disease treatment in the Port Townsend area. Some periodontal disease patients are uncomfortable with the thought of traditional scalpel and suture surgery, but those same patients may be more open to the idea of receiving a minimally invasive and highly precise laser treatment called the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). During this procedure, only infected gum tissue is targeted and removed by an extremely precise laser. Because healthy gum tissue is not negatively affected and no incisions or sutures are required, patients experience very minimal pain during the procedure and their subsequent recovery.

All gum disease patients in the Port Townsend area are encouraged to receive prompt gum disease treatment and reduce their risk of falling victim to a stroke. Patients can call Dr. Gelder’s office to learn more about common gum disease causes and minimally invasive treatment options such as LANAP®.

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Sequim Family Dentistry is a general practice offering personalized dental care for patients in Sequim, VA since 2006. Dr. Nathan Gelder received his DDS from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. After graduation, Dr. Gelder gained post-graduate experience in the Navy, completing a general practice residency at Camp Pendleton’s naval hospital in California, then serving for three years at a marine air base in Japan, Iwakuni. Dr. Gelder belongs to the one percent of dental professionals currently providing the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), the first FDA-cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. Dr. Gelder is the only doctor within a four-hour radius to offer this cutting-edge procedure. To learn more about the dental services at Sequim Family Dentistry, visit http://www.sequimlaserdentistry.com or call (360) 639-4477.

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