Angel Investment Network Aiming to Set Itself Apart from Other Crowdfunding Ventures

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Angel Investment Network launches a US targeted site in order to focus on recent trends within business investment and entrepreneurs, such as "Crowdfunding."

The rapid growth of the internet and social media continues to revolutionize how business is conducted on a daily basis. One of the more interesting facets of this “revolution” is how start-up business entrepreneurs connect with investors to receive funding and help expand their business. Sites such as the newly re-launched US Angel Investment Network site enable this via a web-based service that matches ambitious business entrepreneurs with angel investors in search of reputable investment opportunities.

Angel investments continue to become a more viable option thanks, in large part, to companies like these, with angel investment continuing to increase year on year. One big trend moving into 2014 though is “Crowdfunding”, a similar concept, the use of small amounts of capital from a large group of individuals, known as the “crowd,” in order to finance a new business venture.

The main advantage to both methods is the ability for start-ups to present possible ventures in a more public space. The main differences, on the other hand, are the types of investments and the investor. Furthermore, angel investors are high net worth individuals that invest their own money in exchange for some sort of ownership role, such as stock in the company. Crowdfunded ventures tend to be smaller scale business ideas or even a single individual.

Crowdfunding and angel investments have had a profound impact in a number of areas in the US. One such crowdfunding example is the recent movie release of Veronica Mars. The entire film was financed by the public through a crowdfunding company known as Kickstarter. The Angel Investment Network however, has more tangible business related investments opposed to the entertainment example above. For instance, one entrepreneur from Massachusetts is looking for investors interested in an “Augmented Reality Service,” in order to provide professional motion graphics and art.

The trend of financing start-up business ventures through either crowdfunding or angel investing has been on the rise for the last 10 years. At the apex of this internet era, it is only natural the way business is financed will continue to evolve. Business entrepreneurs in America have to be mindful of the differences between both methods and also, be aware of which method better suits their business plan. With currently over 500,000 members worldwide, and a database that grows by the day, Angel Investment Network has the largest online angel investment community to-date.

Angel Investment Network was originally founded in London in 2004. After its initial success in the UK they began to expand to other countries. Currently, they have over 30 different networks in over 80 countries including the US. Find out more at

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