NETIKUS.NET Offers Revamped AutoAdministrator, the Network Automation Tool for SysAdmins

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NETIKUS.NET announced the release of AutoAdministrator v2.40, now a completely free download for system administrators and network professionals. The only tool available to automate several common network administration tasks across multiple computers, now includes the ability to launch processes remotely while also featuring an updated interface and faster installation.

autoadministrator screenshot

AutoAdministrator Screenshot

Getting information from or pushing changes to your servers is really a breeze with AutoAdministrator; it’s easy, fast and free. It’s a no-brainer – and I’m excited we can offer yet another powerful free tool for SysAdmins.

NETIKUS.NET announced the release of AutoAdministrator v2.4, a newly evolved revamp of the company’s popular and critically acclaimed network administration suite, which automates a series of essential IT tasks. Ideal for environments with 10 or more systems—and becoming increasingly more useful and valuable the larger the environment gets—AutoAdministrator lets you perform specific actions on, and/or query information from any number of servers and workstations. Best of all, AutoAdministrator is now a completely free download.

AutoAdministrator integrates seamlessly with Active Directory and EventSentry™ so you can easily operate on existing groups and organizational units (OUs). Features include file management, WMI queries, process execution, shutdown/reboots, password management, network connectivity checks, registry management, service management, and more. Key to the v2.4 release are improvements in the ability to launch processes on remote hosts as well as bug fixes. You can now have AutoAdministrator run a process on any number of remote hosts and capture the remote output.

With a threaded update process AutoAdministrator is extremely fast, even when working with a large number of computers. More importantly, it does its work without requiring manual intervention or tedious scripting. Automating the kinds of tasks that this tool addresses typically involves writing scripts, which can be a time-consuming and onerous endeavor. AutoAdministrator lets you perform many tasks with no such hassle—just a few clicks. It also lets you create presets, making it simple to repeat common tasks. Collectively, the features of this tool are poised to save hours of your time.

Core AutoAdministrator v2.4 features include:

  •     WMI—Execute WMI queries on remote systems
  •     Execute Processes—Execute processes remotely and view the remote output inside AutoAdministrator.
  •     Password—Verify, change, and reset user passwords on remote hosts.
  •     Services—Manage services on remote hosts, including configuring the startup type, removing services, and changing logon credentials.
  •     Registry—Manage the Windows registry on remote hosts, including reading, adding, deleting, copying, and changing values and keys.
  •     File Management—Manage files and folders on remote hosts, including copying and deleting files, as well as copying entire folders from the local host to multiple remote hosts.
  •     File Information—Retrieve file properties from remote hosts, including creating checksums and retrieving properties such as size, attributes, version, and company.
  •     Shutdown/Reboot—Shut down or reboot multiple remote hosts.
  •     Logons—Determine which users are logged on to remote hosts.
  •     Ping—Verify the connectivity and response times of remote hosts.
  •     ODBC—Update ODBC DSN configurations and driver files on remote hosts.

“Getting information from or pushing changes to your servers is really a breeze with AutoAdministrator; it’s easy, fast and free. It’s a no-brainer – and I’m excited we can offer yet another powerful free tool for SysAdmins.”

AutoAdministrator is now a free download and requires no registration. Along with the download users have access to NETIKUS.NET support, online documentation, and the community forums.

Founded in 2002, NETIKUS.NET is a privately owned software company located in Chicago, IL developing both free and commercial software products for IT professionals. NETIKUS.NET ltd can be reached at 1-877-NETIKUS or on the web at

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