A Few Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Movers

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Moving company Gibraltar Van Lines has a few tips on how to avoid moving scams, such as the one ABC 6 in Philadelphia investigated in January of 2014.

Some moving companies notoriously break the laws and, with limited enforcement and investigation of the regulations tied to this industry, there is a large margin for scammers.

Gibraltar Van Lines has some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right movers. In business since 1973, this independent moving company has experience moving both locally and all around the US. This has allowed them the chance to meet and establish connections with a variety of different moving companies around the country; however, this means that they have also met some moving scammers.

Unfortunately, there are many moving scams in place all around the United States. Although they may run their businesses differently, the jist is still the same: these scammers aim to take innocent people’s money. Sometimes they will outright overcharge for their services and other times they will hold people’s belongings hostage and force them to pay extra. Since this happens so often, Gibraltar Van Lines provides tips on how to avoid getting trapped in situations similar to what happened to a few unfortunate people in Philadelphia this past January.

On January 30 of this year, ABC Action News did a report on a moving scam in their area. They conducted an undercover hidden camera investigation after being sent more than a dozen complaints from different residents in the surrounding area. The issue was that the moving company under fire would provide their clients with quotes under $500 before the move and then give them the bill for more than $1000 once their belongings were already packed up in the truck.

The news team at ABC Action News contacted the moving company and had an undercover producer pretend to need moving assistance. They were able to catch the company in its own web of lies but the movers still got back at them in the end; once the news crew revealed themselves and called the police, the movers still made the news crew pay $600 in cash to remove the fake belongings out of their truck. They knew the police could not do anything about it because it was considered a civil dispute. It is important to watch out for mover scams like this, especially because some movers know their way around the law.

Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) oversees the moving industry, many companies notoriously break the laws and, with limited enforcement and investigation of the regulations tied to this industry, there is a large margin for scammers. Researching is a great way to avoid these moving scams. If possible, obtain at least three local referrals from people that have used a particular company’s service to see how they felt about the company. Come up with questions to ask these people as well as questions to ask the company.

Ask about rates and establish how they charge. Is there a flat rate or an hourly rate? Do they charge by weight or by cubic footage? Run a check on them with the Better Business Bureau. What type of insurance do they have? Ask to see a contract and compare. Also look online, read reviews and evaluate how each measured up to expectations. Speak to a representative in person to get a feel for the caliber of their customer service. See who patiently answers the questions clearly and concisely.

When move in day comes around, supervise and even photograph your possessions in order to make checking inventory easier and also check the conditions of your items once moved. Do some of the work in advance yourself: use bubble wrap for your most precious items that you feel are most prone to breakage or those that would most upset you should they be damaged.

Trusting a moving company such as New Jersey’s Gibraltar Van Lines is a great way to avoid moving scams. Companies like this have been working as movers for decades and have the knowledge and expertise it takes to complete your move, whether it is local or long distance. Avoiding moving scams by doing your research and trusting companies such as this will help alleviate the stress of moving.

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