New Clinical Study Confirms That EndyMed's 3DEEP Multisource, Phase-Controlled Radiofrequency Technology Results in the Increase of Elastin Density in Asian Skin Types

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Just released peer reviewed study published in the official journal of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery uses 3D objective facial volume assessments to show the efficacy of EndyMed's 3DEEP RF technology in increasing elastin density and improving skin laxity.

By using 3D images as an objective measurement, the study found significant improvements in skin laxity after the treatment. Eighty percent of patients reported significant improvement.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has published in its official journal a study led by Yohei Tanaka, MD, of the Clinica Tanaka Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery and Anti-Aging Center in Matsumoto, Japan. The study objective was to evaluate the efficacy of a multisource phase-controlled radiofrequency device (Endymed PRO by Endymed Medical Cesarea, Israel) on skin tightening and rejuvenation, in Asian-type skin. The article is titled: Treatment of Skin Laxity Using Multisource, Phase-Controlled Radiofrequency in Asians: Visualized 3-Dimensional Skin Tightening Results and Increase in Elastin Density Shown Through Histologic Investigation. Dermatol Surg 2014;40:756–762.

The research team, led by Dr. Tanaka, used cutting edge 3D photography and histology to quantify skin tightening, cheek lifting and the changes in elastin fiber quantity in the skin. The research team includes Yohei Tanaka, MD, PhD; Yuichiro Tsunemi, MD, PhD; Makoto Kawashima, MD, PhD; Naoto Tatewaki, PhD; and Hiroshi Nishida, PhD.

Dr.Tanaka's study included 10 Japanese patients, 9 females and 1 male, aged 26 to 51 years. The RF device used in the study was the FDA cleared EndyMed PRO, a system that uses multiple phase-controlled RF generators allowing non ablative face and body skin tightening, fractional skin resurfacing and microneedle RF skin remodeling. The 10 patients were treated by a non ablative skin tightening handpiece on one side of the face, as the untreated side served as a control. Three-dimension (3-D) imaging was performed to evaluate the post-treatment change, which was assessed by an independent observer.

By using 3D images as an objective measurement, the study found significant improvements in skin laxity after the treatment, exhibiting clinically significant skin tightening and lifting effects. The treated side improved markedly compared with the untreated side. Eighty percent of the patients reported significant improvement, and 20% reported moderate improvement.

Most of the patients did not report any pain during the treatment, although it was performed without anesthesia or contact cooling. Side effects were not observed, and the patients reported feeling comfortable throughout the study.

Dr. Tanaka concluded that treatments with the EndyMed PRO can provide safe and effective stimulation of new elastin production and achieve skin rejuvenation by improving skin laxity and wrinkles. Elastin is one of the major proteins of connective tissue, and has an important function in providing elasticity of the skin. The loss of elastin fibers is a common feature of aging skin. This study found an increase in elastin fibers produced in the skin after treatment, showing that EndyMed 3DEEP RF treatments are beneficial for skin rejuvenation. In addition to finding significant improvements in skin laxity and wrinkle reduction, the study found that treatments with the EndyMed PRO were relatively comfortable for the patients with no accompanying side effects.

Non-invasive skin tightening procedures are increasingly on demand today, and radio frequency technology is considered one of the best treatment options available. Most RF systems today use one (Monopolar) or two (bipolar) RF generators that allow relatively superficial or painful non-ablative treatments. EndyMed Medical developed a new, unique FDA cleared RF technology called 3DEEP, which uses, for the first time, multiple phase controlled RF generators that direct RF energy deep into the dermis for optimal, painless collagen remodeling.

The thermal effect of collagen remodeling together with the proven stimulation of elastin fiber production reduces the appearance of wrinkles and laxity, and improves contours on both the face and body. Instead of one or two RF generator as used in competing systems, EndyMed's 3DEEP technology consists of an array of multiple RF generators and a sophisticated algorithm to manage the phase of the energy flowing between sets of contact electrodes. The repelling forces between adjacent electromagnetic fields drive the energy vertically into the target tissue, reducing significantly the energy flowing along the skin's surface and eliminating the need for skin cooling and treatment discomfort.

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EndyMed Medical Ltd., established in 2007, offers energy based aesthetic treatment systems for the professional markets. EndyMed's proprietary 3DEEP® radio frequency technology is a unique solution for fractional and non-ablative wrinkle treatment, skin tightening on both the face and body, body contouring and acne scar treatment. Through the three dimensional interaction of multiple RF sources, 3DEEP® RF creates deep thermal patterns in the tissue which is a novel and effective approach to aesthetic treatments. For more information, please see our website at

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