Edsys Introduces Real-time School Bus Tracking Software For School Management & Parents

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The safety of school children while travelling in the school bus is a major concern for parents and school management these days. With the Real-time School Bus Tracking Software, Edsys has created a system that helps both parents and the school authorities to know the exact real-time location of students.

Edsys Introduces Real-time School Bus Tracking Software

Know Your Child's Location Anywhere, Anytime!

The importance of GPS School Bus Tracking System was reminded during one sad incident in the Middle East. A 3 year old child was left forgotten in a hot, baking vehicle. It happened in Ras Al Khaimah, where the temperature rose up to 43 degrees Celsius

Addressing the safety concerns of thousands of parents, one of the leading education software providers, Edsys has introduced a Real-time School Bus Tracking Software. This software has a web application as well as a mobile application that helps parents, teachers and school authorities to keep track of the students’ real time location at anytime from wherever they are, given that they have an active Internet connection. Parents or school authorities can ask for the software from the company’s website.

A company spokesperson said that “After thorough research, we have identified that a lot of student related incidents that has happened in the past happen not during school hours, but either before or after that time. There are lots of things that could go wrong. Children may not get onto the right school bus, might miss the bus, or may even get down at the wrong stop. These kinds of incidents can often lead to more serious issues.” He further said “With our real-time school bus tracking software, we aim to provide a solution for this. Children will be provided with RFID tags along with their ID cards. With these tags, every child will be easily distinguishable through their unique profiles. RFID reading machines will be placed in the doorway of all school vehicles to read the tags. Once they have boarded the bus, the bus is tracked through a GPS tracking device installed in it.”

The importance of GPS School Bus Tracking System was reminded during one sad incident in the Middle East. A three year old child was left forgotten in a hot, baking vehicle. It happened in Ras Al Khaimah, where the temperature rose up to 43 degrees Celsius. In fact, the temperature inside the vehicle was close to 55 degrees Celsius. The incident was reported by gulfnews on 9th June, 2013 (source: article)

With the School Bus Tracking Software, school authorities will be alerted if a child has not got off the bus or forgot to swipe out.

Parents living in cold conditions don't have to keep waiting in the chilly outdoors for their children to arrive. All they need to do is look at the real-time movement on their smart phones and step out as the bus gets close to pick up point.

Edsys uses industry standard hardware components to ensure accuracy. Their School Bus Tracking Software is unique as both the tracker and RFID card reader are part of the same device, making installation easier.

The School Bus Tracking Software offers detailed real-time location information of students to both parents and school authorities. The school management will be able to monitor the speed at which the bus travels, the distance covered and more. Here are the features of the Edsys GPS School Bus Tracking software.

Web and mobile applications – Edsys has a comprehensive web portal for school management called the Parent Portal. It is linked to the GPS School Bus Tracking System, allowing parents to check their children’s real-time information from their desktop PC.

School bus attendance- Parents can login to the Parent Portal and see the bus attendance of their kid on a daily basis.

Real-time tracking – Parents might be at the workplace when their child is travelling from school to home. At that time, they might be worried about their children’s safety. But the real-time tracking facility provided by the GPS School Bus Tracking Software helps parents to know the location of their child in real-time allowing them to make quick decisions and plans according to their convenience.

Notifications – The parents are notified of the arrival of the school bus 10 minutes before the bus reaches the designated stop. Also, they receive notifications when the child boards the bus, alights the bus, if the bus stops for an unusually long period somewhere and more.

Report generation – The school administration will be able to get accurate details about the speed, distance, mileage, travel history, stops and more about the entire school bus fleet from the admin panel. This will help in reducing unwanted expenditure for the management. It also streamlines the whole process, it easy for the management to handle the bus drivers effectively as well.

Intuitive interface – A simple menu that is easy to understand and navigate makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy person to use.


The benefits of the GPS School Bus Tracking Software include:

  • Automatic and accurate scheduling
  • Real-time updates provide added safety
  • Easily monitor worker hours and performance
  • A streamlined process means cost savings for the management

Edsys is one of the leading education software providers in India. They have a wide range of products including a school app, a parent portal, GPS school bus tracking, timetable management system and more. You can check them out at their website, http://www.edsys.in.

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