The Slovoed Series of 200+ ‘Talking’ Feature-packed Dictionaries for 38 World Languages Now Comes with Dictionary of the Month, Phrase Search, and Eleven New Titles

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Trial, audio pronunciations, flash cards and other learning tools, detailed grammar information – everything you need for the most effective foreign language comprehension. This month, download and use English-German Slovoed Learner’s Dictionary with content from Oxford University Press, free of charge.

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Paragon Software Group, a software developer of dictionaries and reference applications for mobiles, tablets and PC, has updated its Slovoed dictionaries for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Mac OS X with new features to offer users the maximum convenience when reading and communicating in foreign languages, or learning. Eleven new dictionary titles, with linguistic content from the world’s leading lexicographers, have been added to the already comprehensive Slovoed product line, and the addition of the Finnish language brings the total number of languages to 38. Slovoed dictionaries are made available for free trial within the very compact “Slovoed Dictionaries” app. Multiple reference apps and languages can be stored in the same app, with easy switching between them saving storage space. In the month of September, users are invited to enjoy the new English-German Slovoed Learner’s dictionary, with content from Oxford University Press, free of charge.
New features:

  •     App trial (limited to 100 definitions).
  •     “Dictionary of the Month” provides full access to a selected dictionary for 30 days (available to Mac OS X and Android users).
  •     Look up entire phrases of up to 16 words, including idioms, phrasal verbs, proverbs, sayings, and other multi-word expressions.
  •     New quick look-up capability that allows copying any word or phrase from another app (e.g. web browser or email), to get its translation via notification without having to leave that app.

New dictionaries and languages:

  •     English - Finnish Slovoed Compact dictionary
  •     English - Norwegian Slovoed Compact dictionary
  •     English - Danish Slovoed Compact dictionary
  •     English - Portuguese Slovoed Compact dictionary
  •     German - Hungarian Slovoed Compact Dictionary
  •     German - Swedish Slovoed Classic dictionary
  •     German - Portuguese Slovoed Classic dictionary
  •     German - Danish Slovoed Classic dictionary
  •     English - Russian Slovoed Dictionary of Idioms
  •     English - Russian Slovoed Dictionary of Colloquial English
  •     English - German Slovoed Learner’s dictionary (with content from Oxford University Press)

Search options include:

  •     Headword search
  •     Similar words search
  •     Wildcard search
  •     Anagram search
  •     Search within entries
  •     Full text search
  •     Multi-word search
  •     Converter for currency, size, length, temperature, weight, area, speed, torque, power, volume.

Major learning tools include:

  •     Built-in tables of irregular verbs
  •     Favorite articles
  •     Audio pronunciations by native speakers (available for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian)
  •     Conjugation tables (available for English, French, Russian and Spanish)
  •     Flash cards

Every so often, learners encounter expressions that cannot be translated properly word by word. The new multi-word search option in Slovoed helps users search for up to 16 words at once, finding idioms, phrasal verbs, and other multi-word expressions.

For example, in the English - German Slovoed Deluxe dictionary you will find the phrases:

  •     Better late than never.
  •     For all I care, they can claim whatever they want.
  •     …should we be unable to accommodate you with precisely the item you require.
  •     Soon after we joined the motorway, the car started to make a strange noise.
  •     Why has the project been allowed to continue if it's such a disaster?
  •     Whenever they go to the park they always bring their frisbee along with them.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 and higher. iOS 7.0 and higher. Android 2.2 and higher. Windows Phone 7.5 and higher.

Mac OS X
iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
Windows Phone

Price: The “Slovoed Dictionaries” app is free to download and trial. Full dictionary versions start at 9.99 USD or 8.99 EUR. Until the end of September, Android and Mac OS X users can download and use English-German Slovoed Learner’s dictionary with content from Oxford University Press as the “Dictionary of the month” free of charge.

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