McLeod Software Delivers the Connected Enterprise Vision for Transportation Companies

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At the company’s 2014 Users' Conference in Washington D.C., Founder and CEO Tom McLeod explains how McLeod Software wants to help every customer “get connected."

The concept of The Connected Enterprise is a subject McLeod Software believes is very important for all transportation companies, and the company is focused on finding the best ways to help their customers realize this vision now.

At the company’s 2014 Users’ Conference, which opened this morning in Washington, DC, Founder and CEO Tom McLeod, introduced a concept called “The Connected Enterprise.” This is a subject McLeod Software believes is very important for all transportation companies, and the company is focused on finding the best ways to help their customers realize this vision now.

To become Connected, McLeod Software believes that transportation companies need to have frictionless movement of data across the traditional system boundaries. Not only does data need to flow freely within every company and their systems, it must also move frictionlessly with customers, drivers, carriers, and partners.

“Connected Enterprises” empower every employee to have the right information at the right time to make the right decision.

There are five technology streams within McLeod Software’s products that yield the Connected Enterprise for McLeod customers.

It is essential to push the right information to the right person at the right time, rather than force them to go search for it. To that end, there must be mechanisms that collect and communicate information proactively to every employee, customer, and partner. One great example of this is McLeod’s Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS) which detects events, or a set of circumstances, that people need to know about and pushes that information to them in a variety of ways.

Workflow without Boundaries
Companies need automated workflow to help them automate business processes without boundaries, including those processes that extend beyond their own company. This concept of workflow enabled business processes that can cross these many boundaries means transportation companies can move to the paradigm of management by exception, and use business process automation to handle the routine elements of both their internal and external business processes. New products introduced by McLeod in the last year help their customers take a huge step forward on this front, with the FlowLogix visual workflow platform and Logix eForms for paperless contracts, such as rate confirmations.

Big Insight
Connected Enterprises can take advantage of the “Big Data” at their disposal, and do something truly useful by turning it into “Big Insight.” When companies can present managers and workers with actionable information, in easily understandable formats, and in timeframes where that understanding can influence decisions in a positive way, they gain the potential value of Big Insight that can be derived from the Big Data they have access to.

There are a number of “Big Insight” products within the McLeod Software product line today, including Vital Signs, Carrier-Broker Exchange, Profitability Analysis, Lane Analysis, McLeod Navigator, McLeod Pricing and Bid Management, and many more on the way.

The Connected Enterprise is mobile, and not just for drivers with mobile communication systems in the cab. It is essential that transportation companies take advantage of today’s mobile technologies to enable their employees to perform critical time sensitive work away from their desk. They must also find ways to connect with their customers and industry partners using these devices.

The McLeod Anywhere Mobile Applications introduced four years ago have been a huge step forward on this front for McLeod customers. The 7th version of this product is being introduced at this Users’ Conference, and the Apple iOS and Android versions of this product put the full power and capabilities of the McLeod LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems into the hands of the authorized mobile device users for McLeod customers.

Connectable Architecture
Every Connected Enterprise has systems that are easy to integrate with the outside world, both quickly and inexpensively, using low cost Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigms, such as web services. As the acceptance of this approach to building interfaces and communications bridges between systems continues to grow, McLeod customers will take advantage of it, because their systems already support it! McLeod feels strongly that the company’s product architecture is a competitive advantage for customers today. As time passes, this will become even more important.

When these Technology Streams Come Together
Connected Enterprises also set the stage to drive improvement. They create an environment where ideas such as continuous improvement programs and goal setting flourish. This happens when Big Insight, Workflow & Business Process Automation, and Frictionless Data are united to produce extraordinary results.

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