PigTek Introduces New Mannebeck® Electronic Sow Care System Feeders and Controls

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New PigTek feeders and controls use individualized feed curves and advanced technology to help farmers better track/raise sows.

Farrowing Feeder

The new Mannebeck® FaroTek™ Farrowing Feeder is an automated, computer-controlled feeding system used for feeding individual lactating sows in farrowing rooms.

The new Mannebeck Smart System Feeders and Controls from PigTek represent a huge step forward in individualized sow care.

PigTek Pig Equipment Group introduces new MANNEBECK® Electronic Feeders and Controls for individualized sow care in group housing. The new products include the IntelliTek™ Gestation Feeder and FaroTek™ Farrowing Feeder, as well as the TouchTek™ Control and M-Touch™ Portable Control for managing the electronic feeders.

The feeders and controls use individualized feed curves and advanced technology to help farmers track sows from gestation through farrowing, maintain or improve sow body condition, and optimize piglet weaning weights, according to Dieter Mannebeck, Managing Director for PigTek’s European group.

“The new MANNEBECK SMART™ System Feeders and Controls from PigTek represent a huge step forward in individualized sow care,” he noted. “The next-generation technology in these SMART Systems is exactly what pig farmers need to efficiently manage their farms and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.”

INTELLITEK™ Gestation Feeder
The INTELLITEK Gestation Feeder consists of feeding stations, computer controls and remote management capabilities for feeding individual sows managed in static groups in a group housing environment. Each feeding system communicates with the included TOUCHTEK Control to serve approximately 60 sows. Farmers can link up to four INTELLITEK Gestation Feeding Stations to the TOUCHTEK Control to serve a total of approximately 240 sows in one static group.

FAROTEK™ Farrowing Feeder
The FAROTEK Farrowing Feeder enables sows after farrowing to eat multiple times throughout the day. This helps the sows to increase their feed intake and maximize milk production for producing more uniform piglets and reducing body weight loss. To activate the feeder to dispense feed, a sow simply touches her nose to a sensor located at the top of the feed trough. Sows are fed according to individualized feed curves which can be easily adapted to each sow’s needs. The FAROTEK Feeder also comes standard with the TOUCHTEK Control. Each control can manage up to 64 FAROTEK Feeders.

Feeder Controls
The innovative TOUCHTEK Control included with both the INTELLITEK and FAROTEK Feeders offers a color touch-screen display right at the pen that provides easy access to important information about the animals in the pen. It can operate as a stand-alone device, or it can be connected to a network with other TOUCHTEK Controls to oversee all sows on a farm. When the controllers are connected to a computer network, farmers may monitor, analyze and store individual sow feeding data on a personal computer.

PigTek also offers an optional M-TOUCH Portable Control for communicating with both INTELLITEK and FAROTEK Feeders. This wireless hand-held device provides easy in-pen sow identification and allows farmers to fine-tune individual sow feed curves. The M-TOUCH Control features a color touch-screen display and an Android operating system that uses Bluetooth® technology to connect with the feeders.

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