Bourne Energy Brings a New Source of Cheap, Clean Power to the Microgrid

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Bourne Energy has successfully field tested a small, portable, zero-fuel hydrokinetic generator designed to plug into the growing number of solar, wind and biofuel powered microgrids in order to improve their overall performance.

Nearly 400 million Indians lack access to grid power. For many of them, charging a cell phone requires a long trip to a town with a recharging kiosk. Meanwhile sooty kerosene-fueled lamps light their homes. The introduction of a small-scale microgrid can not only solve these needs but also bring lighting and computers to schools, and low cost energy to medical clinics and small-scale industry. Bourne Energy plans to help accelerate the trend toward microgrids with the introduction of its RiverStar-BPP hydrokinetic power system, which will improve the overall output and capacity factor of microgrids.

According to a report from Pike Research, the number of active microgrid projects around the world continues to increase at a rapid pace, as does the total installed capacity of microgrids. Developing countries will increasingly turn to microgrids to electrify remote territories. China, for example, will be using microgrids both to electrify rural areas for the first time as well as to modernize service in urban areas. Large and small companies, as well as various government and research departments, are moving aggressively to create new microgrids. Another key driver of microgrid market growth is the defense sector. Many military bases currently have operating microgrids, have planned microgrids, or have conducted studies or demonstrations of microgrid technologies.

Bourne Energy has successfully tested a small, portable, zero-fuel hydrokinetic generator designed to plug into the growing number of solar, wind and biofuel powered microgrids to improve their overall performance. Bourne’s RiverStar-BPP unit, is a small-scale, self-contained, lightweight, zero fuel and energy dense power generator. It is the ultimate power backup - easy to transport, install and operate. The BPP displaces only one cubic meter, weighs 30 lbs and produces 600 watts continuously when placed in water flowing at 4 knots. Bourne’s hydrokinetic power plant technology is a quick to install, cost-effective way to improve the output of microgrids.

Other markets for microgrids are just being realized. Off-grid energy consumers including farms, ranches, state and federal parks and Indian reservations all need silent, zero-emission, zero-fuel power generation to operate agricultural pumping, IT, communications and lighting on remote sites. Microgrids will also revolutionize life on islands and remote villages using tidal and river powered systems.

Bourne Energy is a developer of river, tidal, wave, ocean current and energy recovery power systems which can all bring improved performance to microgrids whether they are near inland waterways, coastal areas or on islands.

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