Best Geothermal Energy Presentations of 2014 Announced

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Geothermal Resources Council announces the best presentations showcased at the 38th GRC Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon

GRC Geothermal Library

The GRC has added all the papers associated with the technical session presentations to the GRC Geothermal Library.

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has announced the outstanding technical presentations from the global geothermal community for 2014.

The selections were made in each of the GRC Technical Sessions held in late September/early October at the 38th GRC Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, USA, the world’s largest annual geothermal energy event. The judging criteria included the technical content, the quality of the visual aids and the presenter’s ability to communicate the subject matter. Over 135 presentations were made totaling over 45 hours over three days. Over 1,400 attendees came to the GRC Annual Meeting and GEA Expo from 39 different countries around the world.

The winning presentations in each session are:

Basin & Range - Regional Crustal Discontinuities as Guides for Geothermal Exploration, Siler, Drew & Kennedy, B. Mack & Wannamaker, Philip.

Business Development - Geothermal Power for Integration of Intermittent Generation, Edmunds, Thomas & Sotorrio, Pedro & Buscheck, Thomas & Bielicki, Jeffrey.

Case Studies - The Don A. Campbell Geothermal Project, Orenstein, Rahm & Delwiche, Ben.

Direct Use/Heat Pump - Enhanced Agricultural Production From an Intensive Bottom Heat System Using Waste Geothermal Hot Water and Steam Condensate in Iceland, Dell, Robert & Unnthorsson, Runar & Wei, C.S. & Foley, William.

Drilling - Downhole Power Source for Geothermal Drilling and Well Development Enabled by a Novel Extreme High Temperature (200°C+) Ultracapacitor, Brambilla, Nicolo & Martini, Fabrizio.

EGS 1 - The ECOGI EGS Project in Rittershoffen, France, Baujard, Clement & Genter, Albert & Maurer, Vincent & Dalmais, Eleonore & Graff, Jean- Jacques & Schmittbuhl, Jean.

EGS 2 - Utilization of PVA Flakes in Promoting Self-degradation of Temporary Cementitious Fracture Sealing Material, Sugama, Toshifumi & Pyatina, Tatiana.

EGS 3 - Numerical Thermo-Elastic Simulation for Change in Fracture Aperture Associated With Cold Fluid Injection, Kaneta, Kosuke & Mukuhira, Yusuke & Ito, Takatoshi.

Exploration 1 - Prospecting for a Blind Geothermal System Utilizing Geologic and Geophysical Data, Seven Troughs Range, Northwestern Nevada, Forson, Corina & Faulds, James & Wannamaker, Philip.

Exploration 2 - Toward a Continuum Geothermal Model to Explain Variety of Medium to High Temperature Geothermal Systems in Martinique and Guadeloupe (French Lesser Antilles), Bouchot, Vincent & Gadalia, Alain & Traineau, Herve & Caritg, Severine.

Finance/Economics - Uncertainty Analysis of Geothermal Well Drilling and Completion Costs, Silverman, Rachel & Lukawski, Maciej & Tester, Jefferson.

Geochemistry - Mineral Selection for Multicomponent Equilibrium Geothermometry, Palmer, Carl & Ohly, Sara & Smith, Robert & Neupane, Ghanashyam & McLing, Travis & Mattson, Earl.

Geology - Determination of Geothermal Anomalies Through Multivariate Regression of Background Variables at Yellowstone National Park Using Landsat 5 TM Thermal Band Data, Karki, Sita & Kobs Nawotniak, Shannon & Bottenberg, Carrie & McCurry, Michael & Welhan, John.

Geophysics - Imaging the Roots of High-Temperature Geothermal Systems Using MT: Results From the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, Lindsey, Nathaniel & Bertrand, Edward & Caldwell, Grant & Gasperikova, Erika & Newman, Gregory.

Instrumentation - Test-Stand for Geothermal Borehole Probes, Holbein, Benedict & Isele, Jorg & Spatafora, Luigi.

International - Geothermal Water for Mining, Ussher, Greg & Parker, Cameron & Catane, John Patrick & Urzua, Luis & Mills, Tracy.

Nevada - Alternatives to Reduce the High Cost and Risk of Exploration, Drilling For Geothermal Development Case Study - Northern Nevada 2010-2012, Banta, Mathew.

Oil & Gas - Analysis of Sedimentary Geothermal Systems Using an Analytical Reservoir Model, Augustine, Chad.

Plant Chemistry - Control and Online Removal of Metal Sulfide Deposits, Muller, Logan & Gill, Jasbir & Rodman, David & Brown, Kevin & Robinson, Ray.

Plant Design - Optimization of NCG System Lineups, Harvey, William & Fishman, Matthew.

Plant Operations - Increased Reliability and Availability of a Geothermal Steam Turbine, Archambeault, David & Larsen, Garth & Layton, Mark.

Plant Turbines - The Geothermal Radial Outflow Turbine, Spadacini, Claudio & Xodo, Luca & Quaia, Matteo & Frassinetti, Marco & Rizzi, Dario.

Power Cycle - Combined Cycle Strategies for High Enthalpy, High Non-Condensable Gas Resources, Dunford, Tim & Lewis, Bill & Wallace, Kevin & Harvey, William.

Power Solar - Design and Implementation of the Gumuskoy Hybrid Geothermal and Solar Thermal Power System, Kuyumcu, Ozgur Caglan & Serin, Onur & Ozalevli, Camil Cihan & Baker, Derk Keith & Somek, Sulejman Kazim.

Regulatory/Environmental/Policy - Social and Political Consequences of Geothermal: A Case Study from the Nereidas Valley, Colombia, Dewhurst, Kara S.

Reservoir Engineering - 3D Poro-thermo-elastic Numerical Model for Analyzing Pressure Transient Response to Improve the Characterization of Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs, Abdel Azim, Reda & Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima & Rahman, Sheik & Tyson, Stephen & Regenauer-Lieb, Klaus.

Resource Assessment - Smart Tracers for Geothermal Reservoir Assessment, Du Frane, Wyatt & Vericella, John & Duoss, Eric & Smith, Megan & Aines, Roger & Roberts, Jeff.

Resource Management - Summary of Historical Production for Nevada Binary Facilities, Hanson, Hillary & Mines, Greg.

Sedimentary Basin 1 - Can Deep Stratigraphic Reservoirs Sustain 100 MW Power Plants, Allis, Rick & Moore, Joseph.

Sedimentary Basin 2 - High Heat Flow in the Idaho Thrust Belt: A Hot Sedimentary Geothermal Prospect, Welhan, John & Gwynn, Mark.

The GRC has added all the papers associated with the technical session presentations to the GRC Geothermal Library at Papers from the 2014 Annual Meeting are available for members only. Papers from previous years are available for all.

In the next few weeks the GRC will issue a call for papers to be presented at next year’s 39th GRC Annual Meeting taking place September 20-23, 2015 at the Peppermill Resort Spa, Reno, Nevada, USA.

Additional information about paper requirements and submission forms will be found at or by contacting the GRC at (530) 758-2360.


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