NJ Immigration Attorney Reaches Out to Those Affected By Recent Immigration Changes

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Immigration attorney Andres Mejer seeks to keep unauthorized immigrants living in New Jersey informed and empowered following President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration.

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Andres Mejer has worked tirelessly throughout his career to protect the rights of those who have come to the United States in search of a better life, and took a special interest in undocumented immigrants after his own family’s immigration experience.

Attorney Andres Mejer, of Long Branch’s immigration law firm Andres Mejer Law, is currently reaching out to unauthorized immigrants living in New Jersey who may be affected by the latest immigration changes.

President Obama’s latest executive action announcement, made last Thursday evening, sparked a new wave of hope for the millions of immigrants that were stuck legal limbo. For about five million of the current 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants, deportation deferrals and work authorizations may allow these individuals and families a fresh start at their American dreams (1).

Mr. Mejer has worked tirelessly throughout his career to protect the rights of those who have come to the United States in search of a better life, and took a special interest in undocumented immigrants after his own family’s immigration experience. After nearly a decade of having no legal status as a resident, Mr. Mejer received a green card and eventually became a United States citizen, though his journey was rife with the struggles that many unauthorized immigrants face today.

Following the latest changes made by the President, Mr. Mejer and Andres Mejer Law has made it a priority to keep immigrants informed and educated on the latest immigration policies. While the new plan is still far from perfect, it has been significantly expanded to help many hopeful immigrants.

One of the most celebrated changes made in the new immigration plan involves an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program (1). The original DACA, passed by the Department of Homeland Security in 2012, allowed immigrants, born after 1981 that arrived in the United States prior to 2007, a two-year deportment relief provided that they were under the age of 31 (2). New improvements to DACA extend deportation relief and work permits from two years to three, and will cover those who entered as children before 2010 regardless of their current age (1).

Another product of the deferral changes was the Deferred Action for Parents program. This program targets the parents of children who are United States citizens or legal permanent residents that have resided in the country for over five years. The parents will be required to pass a criminal background check and prove that their child was born prior to the date of the executive action (2). These parents will also be able to apply for a Social Security card, but will not be eligible to receive Social Security benefits (3).

These actions will protect unauthorized immigrants from deportation for three years, and will allow them the opportunity to work legally and earn a living while keeping their family unit in one piece. What these actions cannot do, however, is offer a way to get a green card or United States citizenship (3).

There is concern throughout the legal community, however, that the already overwhelmed system representing immigrants will struggle to accommodate the five million possible new applicants. After 2012, several fraudulent organizations and individuals looking to capitalize on immigrants applying for deferral programs flooded the market, so lawyers and activists around the country are making a concerted effort to step up and make their services available to those who need it most (4).

For unauthorized immigrants living in New Jersey, immigration attorney Andres Mejer urges them to begin gathering and organizing documents that will be needed for deferral applications. The application process is due to begin in early 2015, and having documents in order will make the process flow more smoothly.

While President Obama’s new immigration plan cannot help all of the men, women, and children who have been living in the United States without authorization, his latest executive action has made a better life possible for a large demographic. As the application dates draw nearer, Andres Mejer Law is gearing up to better serve the men and women of New Jersey who seek protection under the new deferral programs.

For more information about the new immigration changes, visit Andres Mejer Law.

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