MegaCryption Adds Record-Level Encryption for Increased Cryptographic Control and Flexibility

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Record-level encryption now in MegaCryption, the cryptographic toolkit from ASPG, Inc., for early adopters and for general availability in Q1 of 2015.


MegaCryption now offers the ability to encrypt and decrypt individual records for usage in a specific program or transaction, commonly known as record-level encryption (RLE). As a record-level and file-level cryptography solution, MegaCryption provides a comprehensive approach to encrypting virtually any record and file in your z/OS environment while complementing any communication level encryption process you may already have in place. MegaCryption offers support of the most secure non-proprietary and well-known algorithms available today, ensuring security and compatibility with other standard implementations.

RLE, intended to enable an end user to select the specific record data they wish to encrypt or decrypt, is often a process which requires extensive re-design and programming. Unlike other RLE applications, MegaCryption’s RLE provides a conversion utility to ease the implementation burden while providing increased encryption options for the end user. The conversion utility automatically adapts legacy applications to use MegaCryption without extensive analysis, design, or programming changes, while also pre-processing batch or CICS COBOL programs and generating new source modules which have additional logic inserted into them to perform the encryption/decryption operations on individual records.

Easing the implementation process is not the only user-friendly feature within MegaCryption’s RLE. When utilizing MegaCryption’s RLE, the end user does not have to calculate field offsets within record structures to accommodate primary and alternate keys, nor do they have to count bytes for fields in encryption operations. MegaCryption’s RLE works with COBOL programs, as well as fixed-length sequential or VSAM records, and provides high performance from highly optimized encryption.

Along with MegaCryption for z/OS, ASPG offers MegaCryption-PC and MegaCryption-IX, the fastest growing encryption tool for file cryptography on Windows, Unix, and Linux computers. MegaCryption-PC, for Windows, and MegaCryption-IX, for Unix and Linux, may be freely distributed for use on Windows, Unix, or Linux systems and are compatible with both OpenPGP and S/MIME cryptography standards.

For nearly 30 years, ASPG, an IBM and Microsoft partner, has produced award-winning software for data centers worldwide, specializing in data security, storage administration, and systems productivity. ASPG is pleased to provide solutions for a majority of the GLOBAL 1000 data centers.

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