Prevent Frozen Water Pipes From Flooding the Home This Winter

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Battic Door Energy Conservation introduces the ValveSentry™ - the first and only automatic water shut off device that attaches to the water main valve - no plumbing or permits required! Motorized actuator bolts onto the water main valve handle and closes the valve at the first sign of a leak.

ValveSentry™ Automatic Water Shut Off Device Prevents Floods From Frozen and Leaking Water Pipes

ValveSentry™ Automatic Water Shut Off Device Prevents Floods From Frozen and Leaking Water Pipes

The ValveSentry™ Device will shut off a leak before it becomes a flood. It is cheap insurance. Don't wait for a flood to wish there was one installed in the home.

Flooded homes caused by leaking water heaters, washing machines, sink and toilet hoses and valves, frozen leaking pipes and other plumbing can be a disaster, destroying your property and precious memories.

Leaking plumbing does not give any warning and can fail without notice. Small leaks can create a flooded home if undetected, even for a couple of hours when at work or away for the night or an extended vacation.

Introducing the ValveSentry™ - the first and only automatic water shut off device that attaches to the water main valve - no plumbing or permits required!

The ValveSentry™ device bolts to any ball or gate valve and shuts off the water main when a leak is detected.

Installation of the ValveSentry™ device is simple and doesn't require any plumbing - installs easily in minutes with ordinary hand tools. And it fits on any type or size of water main shut off valve.

If the water main valve can be manually closed by hand, the ValveSentry™ device can be easily installed on it for automatic shut off.

The ValveSentry™ device's water sensor can be placed anywhere in the home to detect a water leak and promptly turn off the water main.

Place additional ValveSentry™ water sensors near water heaters, washing machines, sinks, toilets, and plumbing. If a leak occurs, the sensor sends a signal to the controller, which shuts off the water at its source. Installation is simple. . . Operation is automatic.

Leaks do not give any warning signs. Hot water heaters, washing machine hoses, toilet and sink valves and hoses - can fail suddenly and leak continuously until the owner comes home and discover a flooded house and $1,000's of damage.

Don't let a leak cause a flooded home! Continuously monitor the plumbing and shut off the water at the earliest sign of a leak. For peace of mind when away at work or on vacation. Protect your valuable property and treasured memories.

ValveSentry™ Automatic Water Shut Off Valve Features:
-Easy To Install in 15-30 minutes.
-Fits most any size or style of water main valve.
-No plumbing, permits or inspections are required.
-Every home needs one.
-Take it when you move.
-Add multiple water sensors! The kit includes 1 water sensor, add more as desired.
-Powerful electrical motor with battery back-up in case of power failure.
-Ideal for any home, vacation home, rental property, vacant property, condominium associations, home owner associations, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a plumber needed to install the ValveSentry™ device?
A: No. There is no plumbing needed to install the ValveSentry™ device. The ValveSentry™ device simply attaches to the water valve. It is easy to quickly install the ValveSentry™ device using common tools in 15-30 minutes.

Q: Is a permit or inspection from my town or city authorities required when installing the ValveSentry™ device?
A: No, this is not needed. Because there is no plumbing or electrical work performed, no permit or inspection is required.

Q: How does the ValveSentry™ device work?
A: The ValveSentry™ device is connected to the water main valve. It fits any size (up to 3" diameter) and any type (ball or gate) valve. It uses a small but powerful electric motor to turn off the valve in case of a water leak is detected.

Q: How is the ValveSentry™ device powered? What happens if there is a power failure?
A: The ValveSentry™ device is powered from a normal electrical outlet. Also, 7 AAA batteries may be added into the controller. The batteries will operate the ValveSentry™ device if there is a power failure.

Q: How many water sensors can be connected to a single ValveSentry™ device?
A: The ValveSentry™ device can be connected to up to 8 water sensors. Connect the ValveSentry™ device's electric motor to the home's main water valve and place water sensors next to the water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. If any of these appliances leak, the sensor will send a signal to the main unit shutting off the main water valve, preventing a flood.

Q: Is the ValveSentry™ device patented?
A: Yes. Multiple patents have been awarded to the product. It is the only do-it-yourself automatic water shut off valve available.

Q: Where can the ValveSentry™ device be purchased?
A: Battic Door is the Master Distributor of the ValveSentry™ device.

Q: What is included with the ValveSentry™ device kit?
A: The ValveSentry™ kit includes the electric motor and assorted hardware to fit any ball valve or gate valve. Also included is the controller, an electrical power cord to power the controller, and a water sensor. Additional water sensors may be purchased separately.

Q: Where is the ValveSentry™ device manufactured?
A: The ValveSentry™ kit is manufactured in USA.

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