New Israeli Startup, Ashkelon Eyewear Technologies LTD Announces “Life at a Glance,” New Augmented Reality Glasses for as Little as $100

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"Ashkelon Glance" is a new kind of Heads Up Display (HUD) for glasses, bringing your phone notifications where you can see them at all times.

by Benny Goldstein

“Life at a Glance!” New Augmented Reality Glasses for as little as $100!

"we work with the opposite principle to that of our competitors! We use reflection not projection. Our system uses much less energy, because light reflects all by itself."

A short while ago, Israeli celebrity and inventor Benny Goldstein announced the world's first affordable personal Head Up Display unit, the Ashkelon Visor, much to the delight of high tech fanatics the world over. Now, Goldstein and his company Ashkelon Eyewear Technologies are back with a more streamlined unit, with a more specific purpose. It is called the “Ashkelon Glance,” and it is designed to keep the users updated all the time about things that really matter, allowing them to view "Life at a Glance!"

Ashkelon Glance is designed to relay the user's incoming notifications to an unobtrusive area of his/her visual field. Instead of hearing the ringtone, finding the smartphone and viewing notifications, the user's notifications appear where they can be seen at a glance. The user can choose to respond or ignore the notifications, without fishing about for the phone. With the Ashkelon Glance a user can call back the sender, or reply using voice to text programming. The Glance does not do everything at once, but it does one important thing really well. As long as a user is wearing the Glance, he or she will always know what is happening and choose to ignore or respond.

Ashkelon Glance has a sleek attractive design. It is engineered for perfect balance and comfort as it fits over the user's right eye. It also has a snap on extension that can convert the unit into a pair of sunglasses. It uses Bluetooth technology to interface with the user's smartphone. Notifications from the smartphone are transmitted to a narrow HD screen located just above user's the right eye. A transparent reflective relay unit focuses the image from the screen and shines it into the user's visual field.

Goldstein explains the advantages of reflective technology over the projective technology used by all the other HUD devices: "Personal HUD involves getting the input to display very close to the user's eye. The usual way of attempting this is by creating very tiny projectors to project tiny images and texts onto a transparent surface stuck right up close to the eye. One major problem is how to focus the image. The human eye doesn’t usually focus at such short distances. It can cause a lot of distress if you try. Another problem is that the tiny projector can only shoot tiny rectangular shapes… let's say 640 by 360 pixels. But that is not the kind of shape we use to text or message. We use long and narrow shapes with a one to eight height/length ratio. Of course, the biggest problem is that those tiny projectors are very expensive."

"But at Ashkelon Eyewear Technologies," Goldstein continues, "we work with the opposite principle to that of our competitors! We use reflection not projection. Our system uses much less energy, because light reflects all by itself. It costs much less because there is none of the micro technology that goes into constructing an itty bitty projector. Making a small sized regular HD screen is no problem at all! So thanks to the reflective nature of light, the Ashkelon Glance should sell for about 100 dollars a unit. We just put the narrow HD screen in the right spot, and let the focusing relay do the rest. The relay unit can be as long and narrow as needed, allowing the user to see the whole length of the text bar. The distance between the screen, the relay unit and the user's eye helps focus the light just right for maximum comfort!"

In a world overflowing with new gadgets and excess information, Goldstein is counting on the Glance's elegant lines and straightforward functionality to appeal to those consumers that want value for their money. Savvy users will count on the Ashkelon Glance to keep them in the loop about meaningful and important things, as they ignore the rest.

The Company intends to launch the Ashkelon Glance on Kickstarter four months from now, where it will showcase as one of the hot technologies of the future. Benny Goldstein believes that this invention will be a worldwide breakthrough which may change the way people all over the world relate to their devices and their lives.

Ashkelon Eyewear Technologies LTD is seeking to raise additional funds for the Glance. Potential investors are urged to jump in for the ride. Contact us now.

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