eZanga Discovers Insidious Click-Fraud Threat Harming Advertisers and Consumers

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Digital marketing company eZanga has uncovered a new click-fraud threat that not only steals advertising dollars, but personal information from internet users as well.

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These click bots are able to then take control of web browsers and alter them in such a way that users are completely unaware they’ve become part of a click bot farm.

Digital marketing company eZanga, a business that specializes in online advertising and publishing services, has discovered and identified a new string of click-fraud technology similar to the Chameleon Botnet uncovered by Spider.io in 2013.

The findings show that hackers have found yet another way to access thousands of machines by creating a string of fraud that nestles itself in browser plug-ins. Because of this, thousands of ordinary consumers are at risk of unwittingly installing corrupted plug-ins, ultimately causing advertisers to lose money from invaluable clicks.

These click bots are able to then take control of web browsers and alter them in such a way that users are completely unaware they’ve become part of a click bot farm. Due to this technology’s unsuspecting nature, the malware is able to run longer, as users are completely oblivious to its existence and therefore don’t eradicate it. As a result, more ads receive invalid clicks and, potentially, more personal data is stolen from affected users.

In addition to committing click-fraud and stealing personal information, hackers use this string of fraud to inject scripts onto unsuspecting websites to produce other kinds of income. This includes dropping tracking pixels for companies that pay, and injecting hack scripts to make it easier to hack sites with high traffic. Currently, several third-party platforms are missing this new fraud string and counting it as good traffic.

“If more ad networks and site owners simply add an additional code to their website, it will help eliminate this new type of fraud,” said eZanga CEO, Rich Kahn. “As an industry we tend to compete with each other in solving the same issue. However, if we work together, we can accomplish our common goal much faster.”

If this new string of fraud continues to go unnoticed, it can result in a loss of millions of ad dollars, and the theft of sensitive data from countless people. Fortunately, companies like eZanga specialize in combating this kind of threat, and can point advertisers in the right direction to avoid falling victim to fraud. With its refined resources, it can notify you if your network is affected by the fraud string, and then provide you with the ability to block negative actions that affect your site and your clients. You will be surprised what you find when you start logging this data.

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eZanga is a digital marketing company that helps companies grow their business through multiple advertising solutions, including pay per click and cost per call. Since their launch in 2003, eZanga has grown from a tiny tech startup to an award-winning small business. eZanga has been on the Inc. 500|5000 list for five consecutive years and has been recognized as one of Philadelphia's fastest growing companies by Philly100, Deloitte and SmartCEO Magazine.

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