R.P. Delio and Company Announces A New Small Wind Generator Service in Hawaii Using Its Waypoint Power™ Platform

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R.P. Delio and Company announces the roll-out of a new small wind turbine service, Hawaii-wide, using its Waypoint Power™ platform, which enables on-site real-time wind monitoring to help assess the wind resources at prospective clients' properties. The deployment of this service has already begun, with the initial monitoring systems in operation at residential and commercial customer sites on Kauai, Big Island, and Oahu.

If Hawaii is only to rely on the sun, the wind, and the waves to power the island, the only way this is possible it is through controls. Waypoint Power™ is the only Microgrid controls system made and managed entirely in Hawaii.

R.P. Delio and Company has been a purveyor of Urban Green Energy clean energy products, including small wind turbine generators, across Hawaii for more than 3 years, and has been UGE's licensed distributor in the state since 2014. The company has installed small wind turbines on Oahu and Kauai, and is able to deploy UGE wind turbines to any of the islands throughout the state of Hawaii.

The need for wind-monitoring service is based on the observation that, for every 10 customers who have a property where photovoltaic solar technology (PV) makes economic sense, there is likely only one customer where small wind makes better economic sense. This more exclusive scope for wind power is down to a combination of factors, including property size, local windiness, topography and wind fields, and the presence of nearby obstructions such as trees and buildings. Identifying the subset of customers with wind turbine potential is important to R. P. Delio and Company, as the economics and other benefits are often considerably in excess of those for PV. These include lower interconnection challenges and costs, especially in areas of high PV penetration, the provision of power both day and night, and the enhanced scope for generating power off-grid.

Ray Delio, CEO of the company, said: “The integration of this new service into the Waypoint Power™ Platform will help our Hawaii customers make the most of the abundant clean energy resources present across the islands. We are the only service provider in Hawaii offering this innovative, holistic service of monitoring, auditing, developing, designing, building, operating and maintaining of diverse clean energy generation, demand management and energy efficiency solutions.”

The new service being offered to customers of R. P. Delio and Company consists of the installation of dedicated on-site wind monitoring equipment to properly assess the wind resource at the customer's property. The monitoring system measures wind speed, direction and other meteorological data over a period of a few months. The environmental energy resource data gathered is streamed in real-time back to the company's dedicated, high-security Network Operating Center on Oahu. This data is analyzed in order to calculate the optimal mix of wind and solar generating capacity for each customer, prior to any purchase of equipment.

During the monitoring period, R. P. Delio and Company additionally undertakes an energy audit of the customer's property, leading to recommendations for reducing energy demand. The combination of energy consumption reduction measures and analysis of data collected then supports the correct sizing of energy generation systems and battery arrays, for off-grid operation.

R. P. Delio and Company undertakes this approach so as to ensure that its customers make the minimum investment while receiving the maximum benefits from the combined system.

This service is underpinned by, and forms part of, the company's groundbreaking Waypoint Power™ platform. This is R. P. Delio and Company's suite of energy generation, demand and emissions management services. The Waypoint Power™ platform is used to collect and analyze data so as to allow the integrating and controlling of diverse clean energy resources. It also allows for the performing of ancillary services such as demand response management. At the client's site, the platform is fronted by Waypoint Power™ remote telemetry panels, on the customer-side of the meter, which provide for data collection, control interface and ancillary electric services.

These highly innovative panels are built on-site at R. P. Delio and Company’s UL508-certified panel shop, a facility that is unique to Hawaii. The panels are then delivered, both state-wide and internationally, from the company's Oahu-based distribution center.

Ray Delio concludes, “Waypoint Power™ is very much innovation that is 'made in Hawaii', a fact we are extremely proud of. The technology was developed in Hawaii to help Hawaiians, but it is also for export to the Pacific and across the world. But even then, Hawaii remains key to our vision, and for good reason. Our customers' data streams back to our hub on Hawaii, to be analyzed by experts living on Oahu and the neighbor islands. So we are really connecting the outside world, just now catching on to energy management, back to a land where the people have lived and breathed sustainability for generations.”

R. P. Delio and Company has been at the heart of the clean energy transformation for the best part of a decade. The company's principals have been involved in several groundbreaking projects and programs, helping to drive forward what many now characterize as the “third industrial revolution.” But that transformation is far from a purely technical challenge.

It involves a complex and dynamic interaction between energy policy, markets and technology – an evolving landscape that R.P. Delio and Company has proven adept at navigating.

R. P. Delio and Company stands ready to assist its clients in the successful navigation of this new technology vista, by providing the following services:

  •     Energy Auditing, Energy Engineering and Master Planning
  •     Renewable Energy Development (PV, Wind, Biofuel, Co-Gen)
  •     Smart Grid and Microgrid Technology
  •     Renewable Energy Integration Consultancy
  •     Overhead and Underground Electric Distribution
  •     Agile Construction Project Management
  •     Demand-side and Peak Load Energy Management
  •     Energy Policy Compliance and New Legislation Consulting

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