Gourmet Coffee K-Cup Website Features Coffee and Tea from around the World

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The chai tea experts at have expanded into the coffee and tea K-cup® market with The new retail website offers hundreds of hand-selected coffee, tea and other K-cup beverage products, an exclusive Taste-O-Meter rating system, and reliable compatibility information to clarify the confusing market space of single-serve coffee and tea.

K cups: Gourmet coffee and tea from around the world - Your Own Coffee Shop

Our exclusive Taste-O-Meter rating system takes the guesswork out of trying new products.

New online retailer offers a wide selection of gourmet coffee, cappuccino, specialty tea, hot cocoa, hot apple cider and more—in K-Cup convenience.

The Keurig brewing system has taken the coffee-drinking world by storm due to its exceptional brewing quality, unparalleled ease and speed. It offers a perfectly prepared cup of hot coffee (or tea, chai, hot chocolate, or hot cider) in less than 60 seconds, with a quality comparable to high-end commercial coffee shops. So it’s no surprise that these machines are turning up in homes and offices at record pace.

There are basically four different categories of k-cups. The first category includes many of the largest brands of coffee and tea, such as Starbucks, Folgers, Maxwell House, Caribou, Twingings, and others. These brands are licensed directly by Green Mountain and packaged with the official logo. (Keurig® and K-Cup® are both registered trademarks of Green Mountain, Inc., which owns the Keurig brand.)

Second, there are also a number of brands that have not licensed with Green Mountain, but simply packaged their own version of a cup with the same functionality. This includes brands like Grove Square and Caza Trail—their cups work just fine, but they can’t legally call them “K-Cups.” These are designated on as “K-Cup Compatible.”

A third compatible product set is RealCup®, which is a registered trademark of Mother Parker’s Tea and Coffee Inc. The difference is that Realcups feature a different internal filter system and are fully biodegradable. So if the recent criticism of eco-unfriendly is a concern, RealCups offer a great alternative. Realcup brands include Martinson Coffee, Brown Gold Coffee, Marley Coffee, Higgins & Burke, Second Cup, Tim Horton’s and Numi Tea.

A fourth category of compatible product is coffee filter pods, made by brands like Boyd’s Coffee, Copper Moon, Margaritaville Coffee and Reign Tea. Here, instead of using a plastic cup, these have an open filter. For those who might fear the leaching of chemicals from the plastic of traditional K-Cups, these filter pods avoid that issue. They are also more eco-friendly, as they are also almost entirely biodegradable.

“We have weighted our product offering toward RealCups and coffee filter pod products, rather than just the standard cups,” says manager Charles Kolb, “because today’s consumer is not only brand and price conscious, but also concerned about environmental and health-related impact.” He continues, “Customers want to be informed about the products they buy, and we want to give them a full range of choice.”

In line with this idea, offers the ability to view coffee that is all 100% Fair Trade, 100% USDA Organic, or to see coffee by region—Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kona, Peru, Sumatra—since coffee beans grown in different regions tend to produce somewhat different flavor qualities.

Finally and perhaps most distinguishing of all, offers an exclusive Taste-O-MeterTM rating system. In the world of coffee marketing, terms used to describe the nuances of flavor have become buzzwords with little or no meaning to most people. The Taste-O-Meter rates coffee on four important metrics, comparing all brands and varieties head to head on the same scale—so customers can compare one product directly to another with assurance.

“Our exclusive Taste-O-Meter rating system takes the guesswork out of trying new products,” says Charles Kolb. “We want our customers to be able to feel the adventure of choosing new coffees and teas, as we do. It takes a big investment on our end to do this, but rating these products side by side gives people the confidence to make a truly informed choice.”

For more information, see What is a K-cup?, or contact Charles Kolb.

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