The Shared Economy Can Now Reduce Your Electric Bill: Yeloha Officially Launches in Massachusetts

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New peer-to-peer network allows everyone to participate in solar energy (on someone else's roof) and cut their electricity costs. Everyone wins, Earth included!

How does Yeloha work?

CEO Amit Rosner states: 'I believe that we can fundamentally change how people and energy interact, unlock access to clean energy for everyone - and have them pay less for it.'

Yeloha Inc. announces the official launch of The Solar Sharing Network™, a revolutionary platform designed to remove the obstacles that going solar once presented (including needing your own roof!) in order to unleash the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy to everyone - regardless of where they live.

Until now (available to a select few via invitation only), today Yeloha has opened its product to the public, officially launching in Massachusetts as the first state in its network. The company intends to expand across the U.S., where the solar market is projected to double in the next two years.

For the residents of Massachusetts, the cost of living remains one of the highest in the nation. One area that has seen significant cost hikes is residential electric bills. With Yeloha, residents who live in apartments, rent their homes, have shaded roofs, or don’t wish to install panels can easily purchase energy generated on someone else's roof. They can expect to save 10-50% of their electric costs by joining Yeloha compared to what they are currently paying for their electricity. Joining is a simple online experience, and savings are directly applied to customers’ current electric bill.

For too long, solar and its benefits have been relegated to a small portion of the population who qualify to have panels on their roofs. Utilizing the peer-to-peer shared economy model, the Yeloha team is determined to change the profile of a solar user from a single homeowner who only benefits themselves, to one of a “Sun Host” who helps unleash the benefits of going solar not only for themselves but also for others who have never had access to solar before - “Sun Partners.”

Yeloha’s Solar Sharing Network ™ opens the solar market to customers who rent their properties and/or live in an apartment building as well as those whose roofs are physically unsuitable for solar. For these individuals, Solar Sharing offers a new way to buy into solar from a separate locale. Now, everyone with an electricity bill, no matter where they live, can have the opportunity to go solar and save.

The collaborative shared economy has transformed industries across the globe. Yeloha was recently named by EcoWatch as one of the 5 solar innovations that are revolutionizing the world alongside Tesla’s Powerwall and others. It is the only company to leverage the peer-to-peer shared economy to impact the energy market and enable those who could not go solar on their own to do so... together.

How does Solar Sharing work?

  • Energy makers: In exchange for hosting, property owners become “Sun Hosts” by receiving solar panels, installation, and a portion of the energy generated, all free of charge. Similar to the way Airbnb Hosts put their extra room to work, Yeloha’s Sun Hosts put their roof to work for both personal gain and making a positive impact.
  • Going solar on someone else’s roof: Residents who live in apartments, rent, have shaded roofs, or don’t wish to install panels can now become “Sun Partners” and purchase online solar energy generated on their Sun Host’s roof.
  • The savings appear directly on both sides’ monthly electricity bills. It’s simple, with no need for expensive solar installations or even navigating away from their existing utility. That clean energy will be cheaper and cleaner than the electricity they currently buy from their local utility.

Yeloha makes it simple and attainable for everyone to save money, support their local economy, and help preserve something else that could use your consideration these days: our planet.

About Yeloha
Yeloha is the world's Solar Sharing Network™. The company’s mission is to unleash the benefits of solar energy to all people, regardless of where they live and their economic status. To accomplish that, Yeloha has created an online peer-to-peer marketplace that turns consumers into hosts and partners, allowing both sides to reduce their electric bills. Roof owners can register as "Sun Hosts" and receive free installation of solar panels in return for sharing access to a portion of the solar energy they generate. Residents who live in apartments, are renters, have roofs that are shaded, or don’t wish to install panels can now, at the click of a button, become “Sun Partners” and purchase as much or as little solar energy as they choose. Yeloha unlocks cheaper, cleaner and smarter energy for us all.

For more information and high resolution photos for use:, press kit & photos.

About the Name Yeloha
The name Yeloha is comprised of two words that are used to describe the joy and benefits of Solar Sharing. Aloha, the globally recognized warm Hawaiian greeting for “hello,” also derived from a compound of the word alo meaning “to share," and yellow, which represents the sun and the clean power it generates.

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