Donald S. Gillespie Writes Novel of the American Cavalier

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Donald S. Gillespie writes “Enamelled Bronze,” the first royal cavalier novel of nascent Colonial Virginia.

Holy Fire Publishing ( releases “Enamelled Bronze: The King’s Law.” (Paperback, U.S. $14.99, ISBN#978-1-60383-507-7). Donald S. Gillespie’s philosophical novel portrays the political rationale for the Judaic-Christian concept of Natural Law ethics enshrined in Canon Law, and its significance for the development of society and human institutions.

“Enamelled Bronze” chronicles the philosophic history of colonial America during the intellectual ferment of the 17th century. No ahistorical characters or events are introduced; all ‘dramatis personae’ have been meticulously researched, with the assistance of Sir William’s descendants. Readers will gain an informed and realistic vision of lively, colourful cavalier life, and will appeal to readers interested in Christian history, philosophy and law-ethics, and create a positive view of the Catholic Church’s work in secular society when sectarian interests are put aside and Christians unite under truth.

“This is a 'historic' novel, not a 'historical' novel, designed to show how, after the murder of the King Charles, the false sectarian concept of law infested the early colonies in the form of Deism. For a while, the exception was the Catholic colony of Maryland, which eventually succumbed when the Assembly was dominated by sectarian factions, as confirmed by Alexander Hamilton. I hope to correct the prevalent idea in American history that there is a disconnect between the early colonies, the Revolution and the Civil War that followed: to show also the importance of the Catholic concept of Natural Law as a cohesive reality in political life, and how any departure from Catholic social teaching inevitably results in social and economic chaos.

“By way of riposte to current revisionist historians, that a ‘paradox’ exists between the life of the incipient colonies and the American Revolution and Civil War, the facts prove otherwise. They were militant times, when the murder of the king symbolised the titanic global struggle between two contending world-views. Particular attention is given to the embryonic growth of the Deist concept of law that took form and explains subsequent trends in Anglo-American history: it is essentially anti-Catholic. In the counter-point of events during the 1676 Rebellion, metaphysical and ethical principles governing human thought and behaviour are discussed; and, when the worst was over, the lasting consequences of politically and socially disastrous stratagems by relatively small but powerful special interest groups outside the pale of rational law-ethics.”

Donald S. Gillespie was born and educated in Scotland. Having completed his mechanical engineering studies in Glasgow, he attended London Bible College, thence to Glasgow University, where he was trained in the ministry for the Church of Scotland. Years of aggressive liberalism compelled him to immigrate with his family to Canada, where he converted to Catholicism. His non-fiction and historic writings reflect his deeply held Christian beliefs. He continues to write and enjoys travelling on spiritual “caminos” in the footsteps of St Paul. He lost his late wife, a medical doctor, to pancreatic cancer but continues to enjoy visiting family in the UK and USA. His three adult children are professionals in education, medicine and psychology. His personal charity for autistic children receives all royalties from his writings.

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.

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