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With its newly released 10th installment of its 15-part meditation series in both text and technology, modern society is clearly on the mend

Awakening From The American Dream

"What's in the way, is the way."

History commonly ascribes the epithet "the Great" or the equivalent phrases, such as “the Wise”, “the Good“, “the Glorious”, “the Spirited” to those persons who had been greatly influenced by the times in which they lived.. The saintly, or scholarly, the rulers and the unconventionally heroic were usually considered to be such. If there were objective criteria for "greatness", the persistent example of doing something, sacrificing something, creating something for the benefit of one and all seemed to be the prerequisite.

The Synchronicity Foundation was founded by a man to state it plainly. Master Charles Canon may not be known by the epithets of old. He is not identified as “the Conqueror”. Nor is he addressed by a casual nickname. He’s known, like all of the others, by his work in word and deed. In the field of modern-day meditation it’s his abiding practice of mentoring others which greatly ministers to their well-being. If that’s still considered a claim to greatness, then he qualifies like any of the other top spiritual leaders around the globe.

What has been so great about the meditation movement is those who lead it - not only in thought, but also in action. Consider the most recent spirituality book from the Synchronicity Foundation, “Awakening from the American Dream” by author Master Charles Cannon, and writer, Will Wilkinson. It lays waste to the great theme or myth of the day, the American Dream. Once the tune whistled by a whole generation, the dream has the markings of a seashore devastated by a hurricane.

Regardless if the message is not being recognized by many, he implicitly reveals that great devastation can have its upside. It clears the way for a new myth with a proper advantage over the previous and scandalous false pretentions. In the ruin left by its wake the eminence of Mother Nature is known to reappear like a beauteous, blessed vision. Great changes eminently create great possibilities. The greater the parent the better the gene pool for emulations in the succeeding generation. Reading the book it’s hard to wonder about how such a great lady, dedicated to serving all of life, was ever so rudely forsaken by such a fast-talking, self-serving dream-weaver.

“NOW…The Technology” begins where the book ends but in a higher octave. It occupies twice the mental state as the book, doubling the frequency of its reach. Once initiated, Master Charles Cannon’s modern mechanics of meditation paves the way for a penetratingly new mythology. Simply start with any stereophonic sound-speaker system, portable i-Pod, MP3, or with headphones. Then push Play on-low. Alpha, theta, delta and subtle gamma frequencies bio-geometrically, and holo-dynamically perform the “synchronicity”. This audio-sonic, entrainment technology, a balancing tool, brings first-hand, acoustic quality benefits to its users, such as restoring personal balance. In plain English, these good vibrations entrain, or balance those disturbances to brainwaves, which attempt to push away everyone’s otherwise preferred state of equilibrium. His hi-tech meditation technology is for maintaining proper balance. Personal balance is restored quickly and clearly, and the moment is mastered as a matter of fact. Where other techniques fall short, or seem easy to shrug or ill-advise, his high-performance mechanism, in-tandem with his book, conveys a multiplier effect. The proclivity of the one infuses the other with an additional power or increased premium, as the two instruments combine to cultivate a notable effect.

Sometimes the low-down, modern-day world can be tuned-up with a hi-meditative motto that’s just great. In the film “Bruce Almighty” the god-like figure commiserates with the main character: “People want Me to do everything for them, but what they don’t realize is, that they have the power. You want to see a miracle…be the miracle.” The participants at Synchronicity Foundation gladly concur.

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