Seeing is Believing: Smart Women's Choice Releases Laboratory Test Results

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Laboratory Results show unequivocally that SWC inhibits sperm motility. Immobilizing sperm prevents fertilization from taking place.

Seeing is Believing!

The new birth control ’Smart Women’s Choice’ has now published on its website tests from Dr. Bastuba’s Laboratory showing unequivocally that SWC inhibits sperm movement completely, even at a 1:10 dilution.

Since the ovaries release the ovum (or egg) into the oviducts, or Fallopian tubes, where fertilization occurs, sperm must be able to travel up these tubes to encounter the ovum and penetrate it. If sperm is immobilized so that it cannot travel up those tubes, then fertilization cannot take place.

Skeptics have opined that ‘nothing is 100%’ expressing doubts about the claim that SWC is 100% effective. All through the ages, every new, revolutionary discovery has had its skeptics. In this instance however, their claim is inaccurate, because every on/off situation is an example of 100% (on) or 0% (off). In biology, pregnancy would seem an appropriate example: one either is pregnant, that makes it 100%, or one is not.

In addition, here are the laboratory tests on our website that show 67% motility, the typical percentage motility of healthy sperm, but zero motility in the presence of Smart Women's Choice.

Another proof and testimonial to its efficacy of course is that customers who have purchased SWC once, have purchased it again, and again, even though one tube of SWC contains 50 applications.

Most importantly, due to its mode of action it acts on the sperm, not on the woman's hormonal system, as does the pill/or the patch, SWC produces no ill side effects. In fact our customers suggest: the only side effect is pure bliss.

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