Georgia Gas Distributors Brings Propane “Dual-Fuel” Auto-Gas Technology to the GIE+Expo

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The Campbell-Parnell CARB/EPA Certified Isuzu NPR-HD “Dual-Fuel” vehicle will be on display at the PERC booth October 21-23 at the GIE+Expo.

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Isuzu NPR-HD Dual-Fuel Vehicle

Georgia Gas Distributors can transition you to Propane-AutoGas

The Reality: Campbell-Parnell has accomplished a very difficult task – CARB/EPA certification for one of the most widely used commercial vehicles in North America... the Isuzu NPR-HD.

The Isuzu NPR-HD is known as a “work-horse” for all types of business applications, from boxed-refrigeration vehicles for food based companies as well as durable goods and landscape providers in all 50 states. The CARB/EPA certification will provide national companies the ability to install the “Dual-Fuel” propane-technology on vehicles in every state without legal complications. It will also impact small business owners that may operate in a city or regional territory, it is just good news for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

The time and effort required to reach this level of certification is a daunting task and this will certainly return some attention to propane as a primary fuel. CNG has been popular in alternative fuel culture lately, but the financial burden of CNG refueling infrastructure for small businesses and larger organizations is astronomical in contrast to propane. Using public refueling sites is still using retail sales facilities, so fuel cost will include paying for someone’s brick and mortar facility. Propane refuel sites are covered by most propane companies with propane-AutoGas contracts, the out of pocket expense usually includes electrical and/or barrier protection…maybe a permit. Your propane network provider will spell-out exactly what you will need to pay for, but the ability to refuel propane vehicles on company premises certainly has its advantages. By eliminating retail fuel cost, the savings is passed directly to the end user without a costly investment for infrastructure. Historically, becoming your own re-fueler qualifies a company to a 50 cent a gallon rebate, taken quarterly or annually. 2015-2016 remains unknown until congress makes a decision regarding the Alternative Fuel Tax in November.

The Impact: This vehicle application provides solutions now for existing and potential customers without a lot of aggravation or financial barriers to entry with alternative fuels.

How is Dual-Fuel different than a dedicated propane truck and why should you care? Dual-Fuel (propane-gasoline) allows a vehicle to start on gasoline and automatically convert to propane when the engine warms up, the propane takes over and this is where fuel cost drop like a rock for vehicle operation. Run out of propane and you still have gasoline to get you home or return to the shop. The Campbell-Parnell system is the first to achieve “Propane Dual Fuel - CARB" certification, as no other propane supplier or vehicle system manufacturer has pulled this off.

It Boils down to Cost: This one of the best ways to convert financially.

This Propane Dual-Fuel system cost less than other conversions; for the system, tank, installation and warranty you are looking at about 8k out the door. Dedicated propane and CNG cannot come close to this price and the miles-per-gallon haters can’t complain – this system was a rated at a 9% loss on fuel economy. That is pretty amazing for a propane vapor injection system: this is likely due to the I-Plus propane injectors and Electronic Control Unit that communicates directly to the On Board Diagnostic, but Tom Campbell of Campbell-Parnell is not ready to give up that secret - not a chance. So the reality is it is cost effective, environmentally clean and the best deal in town.            

Here and Now: The GIE+Expo in Louisville, KY., October 21-23, 2015 is just weeks away.

Georgia Gas Distributors based in Atlanta, GA., is the Southeast distributor for the innovative Dual-Fuel system. The company works directly with Campbell-Parnell and Isuzu Commercial Trucks of America, installing the CARB/EPA certified systems on the Isuzu NPR-HD's for 2014-2016 model year vehicles. The GM 6.0 motor "conversion" takes about 12 hours, the cab-tilt allows for easy maintenance in general and the mechanics I have spoken to love working on it. A Dual-Fuel vehicle is about the same price as a standard diesel truck and Isuzu has approved system financing with the vehicle purchase, this helps alleviate out-of-pocket expenses. Steve Newman – Program Manager of Alternative Fuel Vehicles at Gas Distributors stated, “Our truck is ready for the GIE+Expo and we are proud to announce that it will be on display at the Propane Education and Research Council (booth 7094)....We are grateful to PERC for allowing the Isuzu NPR-HD Dual-Fuel vehicle to be seen by many of the attendees as it is a game-changer.”

Devil is in the Details: Fuel and Warranty.

Isuzu provides the truck and Campbell-Parnell provides factory installation of Dual-Fuel systems with technicians that travel the country. After taking delivery, a technician will convert on site or at a facility that meets customer needs. Campbell-Parnell takes full ownership of the installation process and they have installation down to a science. The Dual-Fuel system matches Isuzu warranty and if you buy the extended warranty you can ask to also have the Dual-Fuel system included. As you pay extra for dealer extended warranties I assume this also applies to the alternative fuel system. As far as propane fuel, Georgia Gas Distributors will visit your city location and ensure the local fuel network provider meets the standards they have set up in Atlanta. This is to ensure that a Superior Energy System propane dispenser is installed along with proper filtration and new equipment installation. Basically your concerns are negated as this is a powerful triad stands behind their products and services.

Rush Truck Centers in Smyrna, GA., is one of the most knowledgeable Isuzu dealers in the country, Fleet Sales Manager Steve Nace can assist you with any Isuzu questions better than most.

Own or Lease: The system is Removable and Reliable.

ARI and other leasing companies have approved this conversion for leased vehicles, as the system does not interfere with lease returns. Vehicle systems can be returned to factory specification in a day. As an owner, propane is 90% cleaner than gasoline and the move to “Going Green” actually reduces the wear and tear due to reduced carbon intake. Propane powered vehicles in fact sustain serviceability ability beyond normal service life and extend oil changes, further reducing cost…just an additional benefit besides the fuel savings.

Make sure to check out the Georgia Gas Distributors Isuzu NPR-HD at the GIE+Expo PERC booth!

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