Media Advisory: Details of Motionsoft’s Successful 2nd Annual Motionsoft Technology Summit

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Over 100 senior IT fitness industry executives attended the Motionsoft Technology Summit collectively representing approximately 25 million active gym members.

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"It was impressive to see the intellect and buying power in the room." Andrew Kolman Director of Product Development - Console Technology Johnson Health Tech. Co. Ltd.

The 2nd annual Motionsoft Technology Summit, the fitness industry’s premier technology event for IT executives in the health and fitness arena, took place in Washington, D.C., on September 22nd - 24th, at the Fairmont Hotel.

Over 100 senior IT fitness industry executives attended the Motionsoft Technology Summit collectively representing approximately 25 million active gym members.

Bill Besselman, VP of Integration and Digital Strategy, Under Armour Connected Fitness delivered the Summit keynote.

Subject matter experts provided attendees with in-depth panel presentations on fitness technology innovations, retention best practices, predictive analytics, the convergence of healthcare, wellness & fitness, PCI compliance, digital and mobile marketing strategies, and advancements in mobile applications.

The Summit also included findings from The North American Retention Study delivered by Dr. Paul Bedford, Principle, Retention Guru.

"It was impressive to see the intellect and buying power in the room," noted Andrew Kolman, Director of Product Development - Console Technology, Johnson Health Tech. Co. Ltd.

Al Noshirvani, CEO, Motionsoft and Technology Summit event host noted, “It was an honor to have some of the most influential leaders in our industry collaborate on critical technology issues. These robust dialogs will continue to surface critical solutions, information and tools to address common industry challenges in a rapidly changing technology space.”



Over 100 senior IT fitness industry executives attended the Technology Summit including representatives from Active Wellness, Vida Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, LifeTime Fitness, World Health, Snap Fitness, Visual Fitness Planner, Sport & Health, Fitness Connection, US Fitness Group, Equinox, Genavix, Crunch Fitness, MVP Sports Clubs, Balance Gym, Gold’s Gym SoCal, GoodLife Fitness, Retro Fitness, InShape Health Clubs, XSport Fitness, The Atlantic Club, Midtown Athletic Club, Work Out World, Maryland Athletic Club, Corporate Fitness Works, Planet Fitness, TSI and Active Sports Clubs.

Technology Summit Advisory Board Members:

Renee Durocher, CIO, Equinox
Paul Barron, former CIO, TSI
Andy Caddy, CIO, Virgin Active
Tim Segneri, VP of IT, 24 Hour Fitness
Samir Desai, VP of Tech, Equinox
Steve Groves, CIO, GoodLife Fitness

Summit Sponsors:

h2 wellness
Visual Fitness Planner

Industry Vendors:

Digital Marketer
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Marketing Mojo    
Retention Guru
Under Armour Connected Fitness
Certify Global

WHAT: 2nd Annual Motionsoft Technology Summit

WHERE: Fairmont Hotel; Washington, DC

WHEN: September 22nd – 24th


"It was impressive to see the intellect and buying power in the room."
Andrew Kolman
Director of Product Development - Console Technology
Johnson Health Tech. Co. Ltd.

“I really liked the format of the summit as it gave us exposure to the right people within an organization at the CEO and CIO level.”
Gerhard Pichler
International Business Development Manager
Gantner Technologies

"If there was a dominant theme that united the Technology Summit, it was mobile. It’s abundantly clear to fitness industry executives that their digital strategy comes down to a rock solid mobile offering. Leveraging tight integrations with existing systems and other evolving technologies like wearables, clubs now have the data, insights, and communications channel to engage and influence the member journey as never before."
John Gengarella

“This was without doubt the most well-organized and well-run technology event that I have ever attended.”
Weidong Yang

“The growth of this year’s summit compared to last years is remarkable. I am confident that overtime the Motionsoft Technology Summit will become the preeminent event for technology executives in the health and fitness industry”.
Rick Caro
Management Vision, Inc.

“It was an honor and a privilege to have the most influential leaders in our industry collaborate on such critical subject matters. These robust dialogs will help to surface extremely valuable insights that will be critical in the solution of common industry issues.”
Al Noshirvani


Dr. Paul Bedford
Retention Guru
Summit panelist on Leveraging Your Data Warehouse and Education Seminar presenter for North American Retention Study

1.    One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is creating a common language for software systems and data classification. A set of standard definitions for the basics such as member, length of agreement, terminations etc. will provide greater insight followed by larger revenues.

2.    The industry does not appear to have a lack of data rather very few organizations have identified methods for turning data in meaningful business value and member engagement activities.

3.    While the North American market is doing quite well overall regarding retention, most operators have yet to tackle retention seriously, ignoring the millions of dollars of additional revenue available from just a few simple changes to their business models.

4.    Data already collected on members has the potential to increase retention, reduce attrition and improve member loyalty. Data mining techniques, predictive analytics and machine learning will shape the future of the industry. With the same impact it had on baseball (Money Ball).

5.    This is the first conference in years where I have taken pages of notes for every session. So many insightful conversations, so much positivity towards the future of the Health Club industry and its businesses.

Bill Besselman
VP of Integration and Strategy
Under Armour Connected Fitness
Summit Keynoter

1.    Digital – desktop, mobile, apps, and more - is your friend, it can help accelerate your business on multiple fronts, but you have to embrace it and put it to work for you, your business, and your customers.

2.    The world is changing quickly (and its not waiting for any of us), so partners/partnerships are going to be even more critical to success in the future – they will allow all of us to explore more options at a higher pace so we can identify the best opportunity for each of us.

3.    Know what role and value you create in the marketplace AND leverage the H**L out of it (I stole this from someone else at the event – I think it is such a great insight).

4.    Give back to your customers – the best way to create loyalty in an ever-changing world is to really help people achieve their goals (the reason they signed up for your club/service in the first place)…as long as you give them goal achievement, they will give you their continued patronage.

5.    Build a great team – none of the above 4 can be achieved without a great team around you, so always start w the guys/gals that you bring onto your team.

Samir Desai
VP of Technology
Summit Advisory Board Member and Panelist on Technology Summit Roundtable

1.    Personalizing the member experience is top of mind and a high priority for all club operators.

2.    Operators are still trying to figure out how to convert data into information.

3.    Too much time is wasted in integrating platforms and applications vs. driving real business value

4.    Investing in digital is no longer a "nice to have" but a must (i.e. mobile site, social, etc.)

5.    Data security is the single biggest thing that keeps most CIOs "up at night."

Sid Banerjee
Summit panelist on Leveraging Your Data Warehouse: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Data Visualization

1.    Build a program that leverages feedback from the full customer journey. For clubs that means joining CRM data (customer profile/tier), survey (feedback post experience) and social (online reputation management) to see how customer experiences affect reputation, loyalty, and profitability.

2.    Use Customer Feedback, primarily free form feedback (text, reviews, survey answers) to get to ROOT CAUSE insights – what makes a detractor? What do promoters love? What do high profit customers want?

3.    Consider using customer experience feedback to drive six sigma continuous improvement programs – continuously monitor and distribute the insights that drive high quality experiences to your clubs. Provide action lists and plans on the negative drivers of dissatisfaction for fixing and use insights from positive customers to drive quality/consistency of positive drivers in happy customers. Ensure that your field employees are acting on customer insights continuously.

4.    Start small and expand over time – don’t wait years for a big data solution. A good customer experience solution can be driving insights and improvements to a company in weeks/months, not months/years.

5.    A good customer experience platform leverages structured data and unstructured data. Structured data tells you the WHAT (survey scores, profitability, loyalty). Unstructured data tells you the WHY. Use text and sentiment analytics platforms to join the two types of data into a full view of the customer.

Jill Thorpe
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Summit panelist on Protecting Your Data: Security Assurances, HIPAA and PCI

1.    It is not as easy as before to distinguish HIPAA "Protected Health Information" from consumer-generated health or fitness-related information. A lot depends on how the information is being combined with other data streams, and who possesses it.

2.    Even if consumer-generated health data is not HIPAA-protected, federal Executive Agencies are actively engaged in public discourse about the appropriate privacy and data security standards that should apply for personally identifiable information generally, and consumer-health generated information in particular. Fitness industry executives should be most concerned about the use of consumer-generated health information for advertising and marketing purposes.

3.    A re-balancing in the trade-offs between privacy and enhanced personalization may be underway.

4.    Defining what are "reasonable" security standards will be influenced by emerging industry-agnostic standards on privacy and data security, such as those published by NIST in July 2015 in collaboration with leading tech vendors like Intel, RSA and Symantec.

5.    Technology-as-a-service platforms also influence reasonable business standards for privacy and data security. They already make it easier and less expensive to secure data. As these platforms integrate more consumer transparency and control tools, businesses in the fitness and other industries may find more protection by replacing broad privacy policies with contextual selection that allows consumers to weigh their individual preferences between privacy and convenience at different times for different uses and different types of data.

6.    Regulators are actively collaborating to catch up with technology, with guidance on best practices for mobile health app developers expected as early as fall 2015.


  •     Summit website [
  •     Summit photos -
  •     Hashtag #mososummit generated 109,609 impressions based on research data.
  •     29 speakers including keynoter Bill Besselman, VP of Integration and Digital Strategy, Under Armour Connected Fitness and industry luminary Rick Caro who moderated two sessions.
  •     Nine sessions and three special guest speakers including Dan deBrauwere, physical health & wellness regional coordinator, Wounded Warrior Project.
  •     Nine sessions, including:

Technology Summit Roundtable

Samir Desai, VP of Technology, Equinox
Steve Groves, CIO, Goodlife Fitness
Rajeev Yeddanapudi, Director, Software Development, 24 Hour Fitness
Corey Benish, CIO, Planet Fitness
Moderator: Rick Caro, Motionsoft Board Member and founder of Management Vision

The Role of Technology in the Convergence of Healthcare, Wellness and Fitness

Houman Arasteh, President and COO, H2 Wellness
Dr. Joshua Cohen, Professor of Medicine, Interim Director, Division of Endocrinology; Director, Diabetes Center; Director, Thyroid Center
Tim Davenport, CEO, MyBodyScore
Moderator: Michael Benton, CEO and President, Genavix Wellness Network

Protecting Your Data: Security Assurances, HIPAA and PCI

Peter Hesse, Chief Security Officer, 10 Pearls
Jill Thorpe, Partner, Healthcare Division at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Kishor Vaswani, CEO, ControlCase
Moderator: Steve Groves, CIO, Goodlife Fitness

Leveraging Your Data Warehouse: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization

Weidong Yang, CEO, Kineviz
Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge
Dr. Paul Bedford, Principle, Retention Guru
Moderator: V.S. Subrahmanian, Director of the Lab for Computational Cultural Dynamics and Director of the Center for Digital International Government, University

Education Seminar: North American Retention Study

Dr. Paul Bedford, Principle, Retention Guru

Fireside Chat

Dr. Paul Bedford, Principle, Retention Guru
Mark Fisher, CEO / President at US Fitness Holdings LLC
Moderator: Rick Caro, Motionsoft Board Member, founder Management Vision

Extending Your Reach and Influencing Your Members Outside of Your Four Walls: Apps are Just the Beginning

Mike Leveque, COO, MYZONE
John Gengarella, CEO, NetPulse
Andrew Kolman, Director of Product Development - Console Technology, Johnson Health Tech. Co. Ltd.
Moderator: Michael Rucker, VP, Member Experience, Active Wellness

Why Your Business Needs to Prioritize Technical SEO, Conversion Optimization, Social and CRM to Drive Membership Leads

Janet Driscoll Miller, President & CEO, Marketing Mojo
Justin Rondeau, Conversion Optimization Manager, Digital Marketer
Adam Stokar, CEO, Club OS
Moderator: Todd Tweedy, Digital Strategist, Motionsoft

Summit Keynote

Bill Besselman, VP of Integration and Digital Strategy, Under Armour Connected Fitness

About Motionsoft
As a health and fitness software pioneer, Motionsoft is a trusted leader in Cloud-based gym management software and billing solutions. Motionsoft enables fitness operators to Get Them, Keep Them & Know Them™ with forward-thinking technologies to manage member, facility and payment processes. Motionsoft's customers include some of the fitness industry's preeminent brands and operators, including Equinox, Town Sports International, Gold's Gym, Active Sports Clubs as well as corporations, universities, hospitals, and hotels. Motionsoft also hosts the annual Motionsoft Technology Summit. You can learn more about Motionsoft by visiting

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