WeeTect Invests 500,000 USD In A New Anti-fog Visor Insert Laboratory

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WeeTect today announced that it will be establishing a 500,000 USD anti-fog visor insert research laboratory.

WeeTect today announced that it will be establishing a 500,000 USD anti-fog visor insert research laboratory. This comes after the company begun producing and supplying the anti-fog visor inserts in both the European and the Chinese markets. This aims to increase their testing capability for the motorcycle accessories. Last month, the company began recruiting new motorcycle visor insert distributors (more information on this available on the company’s website – http://www.weetect.com).

“We are pleased to incorporate an ultra-modern testing facility in our production plans, which we believe will also help our partners,” said Taylors Lei, WeeTect CEO. “We are planning to license and commercialize a device that will quantitatively and qualitatively assess the performance of all anti-fog coatings and materials,” he added.

This announcement by the company comes after the U.S. Army begun developing an empirical testing facility that will assess the performance of the anti-fog capabilities. The Natick Soldier RD&E Center (NSRDEC) begun evaluating the performance of various anti-fog systems used by the U.S. police.

WeeTect’s new testing facility

According to the information on the company’s official website (weetect.com), this testing facility will be constructed in three phases. The company also plans to work very closely with a number of learning institutions within Shanghai. There a number of factors that the Mr. Taylors Lei has highlighted and these include:

1.The facility will be able to determine the effectiveness of the anti-fog visor inserts under condensation-inducing conditions. This is a similar technique that is being tested by Natick.

2.The facility will strictly follow the American and European testing standards that have been used for a long time in this industry.

3.The company will focus on product standardization. This will ensure that the product complies with the industry standards. This may vary depending on the geographical location where the products will be sold.

4.The company’s facility will focus on the efficiency of the coating while assessing the various environmental conditions that affect the performance of these products. It has emphasized on humidity and temperature.

The current product testing environment

The current testing facility is equipped with modern equipment that enables the company to test the anti-fog visor inserts in all stages of the manufacturing process. The existing testing facility is capable of:

1.Conducting material selection and analysis; the choice of material, especially its thickness has been a major area of concern. This is crucial when it comes to choosing between the PET and polycarbonate materials. Through this facility, the company has been able to balance between the various desirable properties of the individual materials. Choosing whether to go for the polycarbonates as opposed to the plastic alternatives is based on qualitative analysis of the material’s performance. They have to balance between haze-free performance and optical clarity.

2.The facility is capable of testing individual materials based on the degree of water condensation on their surfaces and their ability to diffuse and refract light. This is crucial when it comes to improving the surface tension of the materials. This forms the basis for manufacturing the anti-fog visor inserts. This form fundamental aspect in the anti-fog testing process.

3.The UV testing capability; achieving 99.99% UV protection requires a controlled quality and performance evaluation process. The WeeTect’s current testing facility can handle all the possible UV quality evaluation process.

4.The reactive power testing; the company uses this test to verify the diopter of various motorcycle lens. This ensures that they comply with the ECE 324 requirements.

The WeeTect’s testing laboratory is capable of carrying out the following tests alongside those mentioned above: impact resistance, hardness, UV aging, abrasion, spectral transmittance and scattering testing. This ensures that an anti-fog visor insert is not only optimized for fog resistance, but all other aspects that affect the overall performance of the visors.

WeeTect’s current state in quality assurance and evaluation

Quality manufacturing process, has remained to be WeeTect’s ultimate goal. It provides unprecedented technology in both manufacturing and quality testing. Investing in high quality anti-fog testing technology has been a reason why the company has been able to be a world class leader in the anti-fog visor inserts. All visors are optimally configured for all season riding comfort.

For more info about anti fog visor inserts , please visit : http://www.weetect.com/products/helmet-visor/anti-fog-visor-insert/

About WeeTect Material Limited

WeeTect Material Limited’s mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993, the company has ventured in quite a number of industrial applications. By 1998, they had delivered their first 1 million visors besides investing $3 million for a military face shield. In 2005, the company supplied a number of pilot visor equipment for the Chinese government. This company has registered significant growth over the past few years and it's still growing.

For more information,please visit http://www.weetect.com/

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