GroundLink® Surveys Business Travelers on Tipping

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Nearly 70 Percent Say Service Employees Don’t Earn Enough and Tip Generously; New York, London and Las Vegas Seen As Most Costly Cities for Tips

GroundLink surveys business travelers on tipping habits.

More men (64%) are 'infrequent tippers' than women (36%).Baby boomers (70%) and 'Gen X' (67%) are more 'generous tippers,' more than millennial/'Gen Y' travelers of which only half (48%) say they're 'generous tippers.'

With business travel spending on the rise, GroundLink®, a leading tech-enabled black car service, surveyed 489 frequent business travelers on their opinions on tipping and tipping habits while on the road.

More Men Than Women Are “Infrequent Tippers;”
Baby Boomers Are The More “Generous” Tipping Generation

Nearly 70 percent (68.2 percent) of those surveyed believe service employees do not earn enough and deserve generous tips. They therefore classify themselves as “generous tippers” and always tip 20 percent or more. This is followed by “fair tippers” (29.6 percent) who tip when they receive good service but never more than 15 percent. Only two percent claim to be “infrequent tippers,” stating that tips should be reserved for service that is above and beyond. While men and women equally claim to be “generous” and “fair” tippers (50 percent each), more men (64 percent) are “infrequent tippers” than women (36 percent). Generationally speaking, baby boomers (70 percent) and “Gen X” (67 percent) tend to be more “generous” tippers at 20 percent or more, greater than their younger millennial/“Gen Y” counterparts of which only half (48 percent) classify themselves as “generous” tippers. Forty percent of millennials claim to be “fair” tippers at 15 percent, compared to 28 percent of baby boomers and 30 percent of the“ Gen X” population surveyed.

Travelers Tend to Tip The Same at Home As Away from Home

An overwhelming number of travelers (78 percent) say they tip the same amount when traveling as they do at home. Eighteen percent dig deeper into their wallet and tip more away from home. Only four percent of travelers say they tip less than they do at home. When it comes to cities that business travelers feel cost them more in terms of tips, New York significantly outpaces other destinations with 76 percent of those surveyed saying this is the most expensive city for tipping followed by London (six percent) and Las Vegas (five percent).

Travelers Split on No-Tipping Policy at Restaurants

When it comes to a recent trend where restaurants across the country have instituted a no-tipping policy, travelers are almost evenly split in terms of being in favor (54 percent) and not in favor (47 percent). Most respondents (68 percent) tip 20 percent of the check total in restaurants. Twenty-two percent said they tip 15 percent of the total check, six percent tip more than 20 percent and only four percent tip ten percent or less.

Car Service Drivers Receive More Tips Than Cabbies;
Millennials Tip Taxi Drivers The Least and Travelers Prefer Car Service Fares to Include Tips

Taxi drivers don’t fair quite as well; forty percent of those surveyed said they tip 20 percent of the taxi fare total, while 35 percent said they tip 15 percent of the fare. Twenty-one percent only tip ten percent, and only four percent of travelers tip more than the customary 20 percent. Car and limo drivers are rewarded slightly more by travelers, with 47 percent saying they tip drivers 20 percent, and 30 percent said they tip 15 percent. Millennials (45 percent) tip taxi drivers the least at ten percent of the fair total compared with only 18 percent of baby boomers and 23 percent of “Gen X.” Forty-three percent of baby boomers tip 20 percent of the fare total, while 37 percent of “Gen X” and 28 percent of millennials tip 20 percent of the fare. Nineteen percent tip car/limo service drivers just ten percent, while only four percent provide a tip greater than 20 percent. However, a majority (64 percent) is in favor of car services that include the tip in the fare. Only 16 percent prefer to not have the tip included and 20 percent don’t have a preference.

When it comes to service providers who travelers believe are most deserving of gratuities, restaurant workers (waiter, bartender) top the list followed by taxi driver, limo/car driver, hotel maid, hotel bellhop/doorman, airline skycap/porter and hotel concierge.

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