With PerfectForms, University of Tennessee Martin Saves Millions of Dollars, Thousands of Man-Hours with Automated Workflows

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With PerfectForms, Martin campus inspires other schools in the University of Tennessee system to replace inefficient paper processes

Numerous processes have been completely transformed using PerfectForms, from the contract review process to recreation administration.

With PerfectForms, The University of Tennessee (UT) Martin has announced they have saved eight million dollars since 2008, by automating inefficient, manual workflows. In doing so, UT Martin—a campus of 7,000 students in the northwest corner of the state—has set the standard throughout the University of Tennessee system, inspiring other campuses (including the flagship in Knoxville) to replace outmoded workflows with streamlined, automated ones using PerfectForms.

Not only are the automated electronic workflows more efficient and easier to use, UT Martin saves $1.1 million per year in direct and indirect costs, having acquired 48 on-demand licenses from PerfectForms that support 1,200 forms and nearly 300 report types. A large percentage of the cost savings is realized through employee time saved, with everyone from department chairs to department supervisors to students having access to sleek, electronic processes that have replaced cumbersome, error-prone, paper-based processes.

This is particularly significant for a public university. “We’re partially evaluated on how our personnel time is spent,” notes Mike Abney, Effectiveness and Efficiency Facilitator at UT Martin. “PerfectForms has liberated personnel from slow processes that involve handing papers back and forth and manually tracking down mistakes.”

Two processes that have particularly benefited from automation are the student ID creation process and the dual enrollment process, the latter involving local students attending both high school and classes at UT Martin.

Student IDs used to be created with the help of six manned digital cameras, with students waiting in line for long periods both when photos were taken and when it was time to pick up IDs. Now, the entire process can be initiated online, as students upload their own photo and collect their ID when they arrive on campus.

The dual enrollment process, which often was completed after a deadline that helped determine funding levels, is now consummated in a timely manner. Not only are students enrolled more quickly, but the school is able to maximize funding levels based on enrollment.

“Numerous processes have been completely transformed using PerfectForms, from the contract review process to recreation administration,” Abney notes.

“Since 2001, organizations the world over have used PerfectForms to automate forms and workflows,” adds PerfectForms CEO Paula Selvidge. “We serve a diverse customer base with a simple, remarkably powerful Web-based development platform.”

About PerfectForms:
With over 200,000 customers, PerfectForms provides cloud-hosted or on-premises solutions that allow easy creation of fully customized electronic forms and workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity and no programming required. Schools, healthcare providers, and insurance companies are just a few of the businesses that have simplified, streamlined, and automated forms and workflows quickly using PerfectForms. Users can expect increased productivity, efficiency gains, monetary savings, and a lighter environmental footprint when paper forms and manual processes are made electronic. Founded in 2001, PerfectForms began with a focus on forms, but quickly expanded to include more complex workflows and integration with legacy systems.

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