Oil Industry Veterans Set a New Standard in Oilfield Workplace Safety

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Richard and Christa Kofford, longtime oil field operators, have invented the Catch-It™, a new safety product that helps protect workers from dangerously slippery oil surfaces and helps protect the environment from oil spills.

Richard and Christa Kofford (R&C Products, LLC) have recently conceived of the Catch-It™, a unique protective tool for devices known as gauging tapes. These hand-held oil gauge devices measure liquid levels in oil and water storage tanks on oil fields across North America and throughout the world. Oil field lease operators themselves, the Koffords are well aware of the day-to-day responsibilities and dangers faced by lease operators and, as such, are well-qualified to invent useful tools for lease operators. As such, they noticed that, by and large, the industry has been neglecting the problem of oil that drips from the tape gauge after the gauger has completed his/her monitoring work up at the top of the tank.

Aside from endangering the many people who walk those stairs and walkways, the many stakeholders involved in the industry are also exposing themselves to enormous problems. Foremost among these are costly fines from increasingly aggressive government agencies such as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), not to mention potential employee lawsuits and other financial and legal vulnerabilities. Natural problem-solvers with decades of oil field experience, the Koffords formed R&C Products to address this issue.

As suggested by its name, R&C Products’ Catch-It™ catches oil that would otherwise fall on work surfaces (walkways, stairs, railings, etc.) and the ground, thereby jeopardizing oil field workers and the environment. The Catch-It™ is a one-time purchase that is expressly designed for eliminating – not merely minimizing – oil spills from gauging tape devices. In this manner, it enables the wide variety of oil gaugers, from crude haulers to chemical treatment professionals, to walk to and from the top of the oil tank and conduct their tests without spilling slippery and toxic oil along the stairs, walkway, railings, and the ground.

The Koffords’ breakthrough invention is able to address this problem safely, easily, and, most importantly, effectively. If used properly, it does not let any oil fall anywhere but the well and the Catch-It™ device itself. The patent-pending product has already been prototyped and tested invention extensively – by multiple oil field services companies. It has performed extraordinarily well in terms of reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. Further production of the Catch-It™ is already underway.

Presently, R&C Products is communicating with various industry and regulatory stakeholders about the safety benefits of this breakthrough innovation. If you or your organization would like to reach out to the Koffords, you may reach them through their new website, CatchItSafety.com (http://www.catchitsafety.com). As well, through that site, you can gain access to additional Catch-It™ materials – including photos and a brief demonstration video.

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