Ilios Dynamics offers second chance at Combined Heat and Power

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Compact unit opens doors where CHP was previously inappropriate – Incentives could cover up to half of the expense to upgrade

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The HEWH, from Ilios Dynamics

the HEWH opens up the benefits of CHP to a broader clientele, especially in geographies where the spark-spread (difference between the cost of electricity and natural gas) is not large enough to justify on-site generation or traditional “cogeneration”.

For building owners that have been told space limitations would prevent the installation of a fuel-saving Combined Heat and Power(CHP) system, Ilios Dynamics offers a solution with the Ilios High Efficiency Water Heater (HEWH).

Many owners and facility managers may have written off the idea of traditional CHP, also commonly referred to as “cogeneration,” due to size constraints, a lack of grid connectivity, and the negative impact of a lengthy construction project.

For these buildings, Ilios Dynamics’ compact unit proves mechanical CHP may be worth a second look, mechanical CHP that is. By using a natural gas engine as the prime mover to drive a refrigeration cycle, the Ilios HEWH is able to leverage the principles of CHP to increase the equipment’s overall efficiency. Mechanical CHP can provide the same benefits of traditional electrical CHP or “cogeneration” such as energy savings, greenhouse gas savings, and a reduction in pollutant emissions due to increased efficiency from a primary energy standpoint, without the burdensome electric interconnection and in some cases punitive anti-distributed generation (DG) surcharges.

The compact Ilios HEWH unit fits through most standard doors, can be installed in a matter of weeks, and gets as much as three times the fuel value of a more conventional solution. In short, the HEWH opens up the benefits of CHP to a broader clientele, especially in geographies where the spark-spread (difference between the cost of electricity and natural gas) is not large enough to justify on-site generation or traditional “cogeneration”.

The Ilios HEWH creates hot water and in some cases chilled water from a low cost and abundant gaseous fuel source (such as natural gas or propane), allowing for a big savings on energy when compared to traditional water heating and cooling methods. When fitted with Tecogen’s patented Ultera™ ultra-clean emissions control technology, the HEWH not only cuts a customer’s carbon footprint significantly, but also reduces a facility’s overall environmental impact.

For locations with a gas demand of at least 4,000 therms/month, such as hotels, multi-family apartment buildings, condos, hospitals, health care facilities, nursing homes, YMCA/JCC/health clubs, biomedical research labs/life sciences/pharma facilities, food and beverage processing, and general industrial process heating and cooling, the HEWH is a tremendous alternative to conventional systems. With a nominal heating capacity of 500,000 BTU/hour, it employs a combination of technologies designed to boost efficiency, save money, and reduce impact on the environment. This natural gas or propane fueled water heater combines traditional boiler technology with the power of an engine driven heat pump to cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions in half.

A typical Ilios installation will qualify for a custom incentive from the local natural gas and/or electric supplier. The custom incentive amount is a calculation based on the energy savings it will produce in the first year. Custom incentive projects are analyzed on a per-project basis and are subject to utility approval and available incentive amounts can and will vary.

Currently in Massachusetts, National Grid is offering an incentive to help building owners and facility managers transition to mechanical CHP. Custom incentives can cover up to 50% of the total costs of installing more efficient equipment; an amount that buys down the cost of the project to a 1.5 year simple payback. These incentives accelerate the payback period and maximize the opportunity to reduce operating costs and enhance building value.

Additionally, Investment Tax Credits ("ITC") and depreciation are currently available for mechanical CHP products including the Ilios HEWH.

For more information on Ilios Dynamics and to inquire about a free site audit to verify if your building is a fit for mechanical CHP, contact our team at 781-466-6500 or products(at)iliosdynamics(dot)com

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