Escape The Matrix Releases Mimi's Miracle Minerals, a Fulvic Acid Supplement

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Escape The Matrix has released a premium fulvic and humic acid supplement: Mimi's Miracle Minerals. Mimi's Miracle minerals provides the body with over 72 needed trace minerals.

fulvic acid supplement
We have created many health supplements over the years... Mimi’s Miracle Minerals is our crowning achievement. We knew it would help people, out but we were amazed at some of the testimonials that came in.

Escape The Matrix, a Utah based supplement company, announces the release of Mimi’s Miracle Minerals, a fulvic acid supplement.

Fulvic acid is an all natural mineral supplement that provides minerals to the body that many people are lacking. Modern farming practices deplete the soil of nutrients the human body needs. As farmers repeatedly grow plants on the same plots, the soil is depleted of vital nutrients and minerals. Fertilizer contains just enough nutrition for the plant to survive until harvesting, but not enough to support superior human health. This results in plants that have 75% fewer micronutrients. (see “Not On the Label”, page 213). Nobel-prize winning scientist Linus Pauling stated, “You can trace ever sickness every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Fulvic minerals offer a potential solution to this problem. Mimi's Miracle Minerals fulvic acid supplement replenishes the body with needed micronutrients while cleansing and revitalizing cells. Mimi’s Miracle Minerals elements test, conducted by Advanced Laboratories in Salt Lake City, UT, proved there are at least 73 trace minerals in Mimi's Miracle Minerals. Some researchers believe that Fulvic Acid presents these minerals in their most potent, bioavailable forms.

Preliminary customer testimonials gathered from verified reviews on Amazon contain anecdotal evidence such as the following:

"I have been taking Fulvic Acid for about 2 years now... I decided to try yours this time. I'm already starting to feel a difference in my energy as well as just a better sense of well being. I will be buying Mimi's from now on."
"The first mineral supplement I've tried that didn't have a hard/biter taste."
"No taste, and easy to take. My fingernails seem to be growing faster. I started taking this as one of my supplements when I was diagnosed with cancer."
"I'm astounded that I never (really, never) struggle with drowsiness."
"I feel much better and have lots of energy. Thanks for making such a great product."
"I started taking this product about 5 days ago and the energy increase has been phenomenal....I'm sleeping wonderful at night. Terrific product!"
"Workds great as an anti hangover, just sayin!"
I'm very excited about the early results and tot power of fulvic in healing cells that have been "disrupted by surgery."
"I have more energy AND I am sleeping better. I'm very excited about this."

“We have created many health supplements over the years, everything from weight loss supplements to Omega-3 fish oils, but Mimi’s Miracle Minerals is our crowning achievement,” says Dave Sherwin owner of Escape The Matrix. “We knew it would help people, out but we were amazed at some of the testimonials that came in.”

Mimi’s Miracle Minerals is available online at: and on Amazon at

Escape The Matrix, and it's online presence called the EZ Wellness Club, specializes in providing premium and specialized health products. Their motto "nothing ordinary" constitutes their diverse and highest quality of health supplements, which vary from weight loss products to fish oils and mineral supplements.

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