4Thought Products Launches 7-Day Med-Manager™, Weekly Pill Organizer

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A new durable, high quality, desktop pill planner has been designed to help people adhere to their medication schedule.

Many adults on a frequent daily medication schedule use a weekly pill planner to help stay on track and not miss dosages. After researching market needs, 4Thought Products identified several key areas of user dissatisfaction with many of the existing low cost pill organizers. The new 7–Day Med-Manager has been designed to eliminate these problems and provide a durable and easy to use solution.

One common complaint expressed by users of pill organizers is that the lids break off too easily. This results in people having to throw them away and repurchase. Most typical pill organizers have lids that attach to the container with a thin flexible plastic section, or “living hinge.” Living hinges are commonly found in short use plastic products as a way to reduce cost, such as plastic food containers and bottles. Other areas of dissatisfaction were with printed ink that wears off, lids that don’t stay securely closed, degradation of pills exposed to humid air, compartments insufficiently sized to accept larger quantities or greater sizes of pills & vitamins, and difficulty in refilling the compartments - with lids not staying open or getting in the way. Other remarks were that weekly pill organizers are excessively large, taking up too much counter space.

4Thought Products examined these issues and took a fresh design approach in developing its desktop pill organizer, 7-Day Med-Manager™. This new compact pill planner has design features that place it above the rest. Its seven daily pill holders are conveniently organized in a covered canister that keeps humid air out. The seven daily pill boxes each have four separate dosage compartments “Morn, Noon, Eve, Bed.” Each compartment has its own separate lid, attached with a ball and socket hinge. This type of hinge design will never crack or break off as living hinges do. Lids snap shut securely allowing users to take a day’s worth of meds on the go - in a purse or briefcase. Refilling and dispensing pills into the planner is simple with lids that swing open fully and stay out of the way. The embossed lettering is molded directly into the plastic and will never wear off. Its larger sized compartments can accommodate a greater amount of pills and larger vitamins. The product uses food grade polypropylene for the pill boxes and has been lab tested and certified to be lead, phthalate, and BPA free.

In 2014, 4Thought Products launched Pill Pod™ product line http://www.pill-pod.com as an affordable and simple solution to encourage responsible storage of Rx drugs at home. The company now continues its line of new products with 7-Day Med-Manager™ in the category of medication storage and organization solutions. This weekly pill organizer is currently available for purchase on the company’s website http://www.med-mgr.com as well as on Amazon. Other new products that combine both drug security and organization are planned for the future.

4Thought Products LLC was founded in 2011 by mechanical engineer Steve Small. He holds patents on several inventions including locking devices, puzzles/games, and has developed new products for a number of industries in the US and abroad.

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