Friends of Science Society Challenges Historical Misrepresentation of Past Climate Change Policies in Alberta’s State of the Province Speech

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Friends of Science Society says Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is misrepresenting the historical successes of the province of Alberta and that previous administrations established the first climate change leadership plan in 2002, and this included significant greenhouse gas reductions, technological innovations and energy efficiency programs. According to Friends of Science, these achievements have been blocked from the public by the clamor of foreign funded anti-oil, anti-oil sands and anti-coal activists, as part of a trade war against Canadian resources.

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Earth’s surface temperatures are largely driven by variations in solar activity, which may have contributed as much as 66% of the observed 20th-century.

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Friends of Science Society is challenging the historical misrepresentation of past climate change policies in Alberta, as presented in Premier Rachel Notley’s Oct. 19, 2016 “State of the Province” address, as posted on the Alberta government website.

According to Friends of Science, the Alberta NDP government is engaging in a case of historical revisionism as reported on the Friends of Science blog on October 20, 2016, since the first “Albertans and Climate Change: Taking Action” plan was established in 2002 under the previous Progressive Conservative administration. By 2008, in the report “Moving Forward,” Alberta had achieved significant emissions reductions, technological innovation, and had numerous energy efficiency programs in place, refuting Premier Notley’s claim of being the first administration to establish such plans.

The Premier stated her intention to move ahead with coal phase-out in Alberta, despite the fact that Friends of Science 2015 report “Burning Questions” indicates the health claims are not supported by evidence. Their more recent “Dire Consequences” report of September 2016 shows that Alberta Health Statistics do not support the claims of anti-coal activists.

Friends of Science says policy-makers and the public should review the Non-Governmental International Panel (NIPCC) Climate Change reports which are prepared by authoritative experts on climate science and which show that:

"The “Physical Science” report finds that negative feedbacks in the climate system reduce the model-derived temperature sensitivity to values an order of magnitude smaller. Earth’s surface temperatures are largely driven by variations in solar activity, which may have contributed as much as 66% of the observed 20th-century."

"The “Biological Impacts” report finds that rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels are causing “no net harm to the global environment or to human health and often finds the opposite: net benefits to plants, including important food crops, and to animals and human health."

Friends of Science holds the view that the sun is the main direct and indirect driver of climate change, not you and not CO2.


Friends of Science has spent a decade reviewing a broad spectrum of literature on climate change and have concluded the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2). Friends of Science is made up of a growing group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens.

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