Author J.A.‭ ‬Hunsinger Launches Third Historical Fiction Novel, ‘Assimilation’, In His‭ ‘‬Axe Of Iron‭’ S‬eries

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In his recently released historical fiction novel, ‘Assimilation: An Axe of Iron Novel’, J.A. Hunsinger shares his third and final exciting Viking story that addresses what may have happened to the early Norse settlers about 1000 years ago.

Hunsinger delivers a tale filled with action and adventure giving readers a fascinating look at life of the Norse settlers and native tribes about‭ ‬1000‭ ‬years ago. - Write Field Services

In his historical fiction novel, ‘Assimilation:‬ Axe of Iron’, author J.A. Hunsinger takes readers back to a period of about 1000 years ago to the Norse settlement of Halfdansfjord and surrounding areas,‭ ‬located along the coast of North America on the east coast of James Bay,‭ ‬at the south end of Hudson Bay. His novel is the third and final story in hisTrilogy about the Norse settlers and native tribes the Naskapi‭ (‬Cree‭)‬,‭ ‬Anishinabeg‭ (‬Ojibwa‭)‬,‭ ‬and the Haudenosaunee‭ (‬Iroquois‭)‬.‭ ‬As historical fiction,‭ ‘‬Assimilation‭’ ‬presents a possible scenario about what may happened to the Norse people and their settlements.

Hunsinger continues with the adventures of Norsemen explorers Halfdan Ingolfsson and Gudbjartur Einarsson,‭ ‬and their families, ‘Assimilation‭’ ‬delivers a more in-depth story of the native tribes and their impact on the Norse people and their settlements.‭ ‬Readers experience the conflicts,‭ ‬relationships,‭ ‬and integration of the settlers and the native peoples as well as native life,‭ ‬including the native customs,‭ ‬rituals,‭ ‬practices,‭ ‬hunting methods,‭ ‬cooking methods,‭ ‬battle tactics,‭ ‬and how the Norse living among them adapted and changed. The major conflict in the story which presents a possible scenario about what may have happened to the Norse people is the Anishinabeg tribe’s declaration of War with the settlers and their determination to destroy Halfdansfjord.‭

Hunsinger‭ ‬presents an adventure rich in historical detail,‭ ‬with careful attention paid to customs and practices of both the Norse settlers and the Native tribes.‭ ‬The struggles and threats to the Norse people highlight the difficulties of maintaining‭ ‬a‭ ‬settlement.‭ ‘‬Assimilation’ will wet the appetite of the fans that have developed a fascination with the plight of the Greenland Viking settlers in the first two novels of the series, Axe of Iron - The Settlers and Confrontation.

The twists and turns of this continuing tale will engage the reader from the outset as the tall, fair-skinned invaders, knowing it is their key to survival, gradually assimilate with the savage natives of the pre-historical land that will become the Hudson Bay and Great Lakes regions of Canada and the US.

Assimilation: An Axe of Iron Novel
Series: Axe of Iron
Paperback: 424 pages
Publisher: Vinland Publishing; 1 edition (August 14, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0988945525
ISBN-13: 978-0988945524

‭‘Axe Of Iron’ Accolades

"Axe of Iron is populated with strong, vivid personalities, which mitigates some of the choppiness of the stilted dialogue. The novel avoids the trap of some historical fiction by limiting dry facts--depictions of the Norse people's penchant for fighting and healthy sexual appetites also keep the tale from becoming too staid. While the scarcity of extant Norse artifacts in North America makes it impossible to know for certain how the early Norse settlers lived, this book offers a plausible account. A descriptive and intriguing, if sometimes plodding, narrative." Kirkus Discoveries, Axe of Iron: The Settlers

About the Author

J. A. Hunsinger lives in Colorado, with his wife Phyllis. His Axe of Iron series represents his first serious effort to craft the story of a lifelong interest in the Viking Age, especially as it pertains to Norse exploration west of Iceland and extensive research and archaeological site visitations as an amateur historian. He has tied the discovery of many of the Norse artifacts found on this continent to places and events portrayed in his novels. Much of his adult life has been associated with commercial aviation, both in and out of the cockpit. As an engineering technical writer for Honeywell Commercial Flight Systems Group in Phoenix, Arizona, he authored two comprehensive pilots' manuals on aircraft computer guidance systems and several supplemental aircraft radar manuals. His manuals were published and distributed worldwide to airline operators by Honeywell Engineering. He also published an article, "Flight Into Danger," in Flying Magazine, (August 2002) Hunsinger is a member of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Canadian Archaeology Association.

If you are interested in reviewing 'Assimilation: An Axe of Iron Novel’, or arranging for a talk and book signing, or interview, please contact:

J. A. Hunsinger
Vinland Publishing, LLC
661 Tamarron Drive
Grand Junction, CO USA 81506
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