The Spiga Protocol's Kick-Off Event Raises Awareness of Stem Cell Therapy for Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

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Westlake Village’s premier studio for holistic anti-aging skin care, The Spiga Protocol, hosted a free seminar featuring the latest advancements in skin care, including stem cell therapy, PRP, and methods for enhancing and healing the skin naturally.

The Spiga Protocol is committed to foreseeing trends in anti-aging skin care,” said Spiga, “and to educating consumers that science is moving away from artificial, often harmful means to enhance skin, and toward a natural whole-body approach to skin care.

The Spiga Protocol, Westlake Village’s premier studio for holistic anti-aging skin care, opened its doors to the public with a free kick-off event Sunday, November 6, 2016, featuring expert-led presentations on the latest advancements in skin repair and rejuvenation. The event served to educate consumers about natural methods for restoring and preserving skin health.

“The Spiga Protocol is committed to foreseeing trends and where science is going in anti-aging skin care,” said the center’s founder Annaliza Spiga, “and to helping consumers understand that science is moving away from artificial, often harmful, methods to enhance skin, and toward a natural, whole-body approach to skin care.”

The featured speaker, holistic skin care pioneer Dr. David Vesco, described the benefits and mechanisms of stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and reversing the signs of aging naturally. Vesco, who practices in Calabasas, developed many early holistic products and uses an innovative method to stimulate stem cell therapy for maximum results.

“Stem cells work with the body to serve as an internal repair system, dividing without limit to replenish other cells,” Vesco said. “With age, we don’t release the same number of cells and also the stem cells are not as potent.” Vesco emphasized that, given that the repair system is diminished, it is even more important that people prepare the skin properly with nutrition and care before undergoing PRP or stem cell therapy.

Following his presentation, attendees enjoyed the opportunity to ask Dr. Vesco questions, which spurred a lively discussion about the importance of nutrition and physical activity in slowing the aging process.

Both Spiga and Vesco shared their common vision for utilizing the body’s own resources to treat the skin. Their practices employ cutting-edge treatments that boost the body’s own proteins and growth factors to heal and revitalize the skin. They combine this with encouraging nutrition and other lifestyle factors to support and augment treatments.

“Nutrition and health are critical in order to pull nutrients from the body to feed the skin so that the skin responds well to treatment,” said Spiga. “When you’re feeding the skin nutrient-dense food, your skin is performing like a fine-tuned engine, and, in turn, it will maximize the growth factor that it pulls in from PRP and stem cell therapy.”

Spiga explained that harsh chemicals often found in skin care products, improper cleansing, inadequate nutrition, high stress, poor sleep — all of these factors affect the skin’s ability to perform optimally.

During the reception, Spiga introduced NeoGenesis, her preferred skin care products, with their organic, oncology-safe stem cell serums. Later, attendees were treated to a demonstration of a microcurrent treatment and were able to sample the serums.

Through monthly events, The Spiga Protocol plans to share its advanced understanding of the science of skin care, and to raise awareness that science and technology are now affording consumers natural methods that are safer, painless, and also more effective.

These educational events,” Spiga said, “further our mission to transition consumers to a natural and whole-body approach to skin care. We want to ultimately help consumers make the best decisions for themselves.”

The Spiga Protocol (, Westlake Village’s premier studio for holistic anti-aging skin care, uses a unique methodology consisting of natural skin care and advanced anti-aging treatments to effect transformative results. At the core of its treatments is a regenerative and healing principle, building the skin from the inside out. Nutrition and exercise play an important role in the protocol, where the whole-body system is its guiding force.

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