Using Telephone Calls to Improve Patient Engagement, Health/Wellness Outcomes, and Reduce Hospital Readmissions: Concordia Systems Introduces SentinelConnect

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Concordia Systems' SentinelCONNECT introduces a daily telephone service that can help reduce illness, improve outcomes and decrease readissions for patients recently discharged from hospitals, high-risk patients with chronic conditions (eg. hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol), and seniors Aging-in-Place.

SentinelCare offers proactive notification of a loved one's activity and wellbeing

Our goal is to provide a gentle reminder, confirm that the individual has taken their medication, and report back to hospitals, home health services providers, family members and others that medications have or have not been taken.

Concordia Systems Inc. is pleased to introduce SentinelConnect™ a low-cost Software-as-a-Service that uses telephone calls to stay in contact with individuals with long-term chronic conditions, seniors Aging-in-Place and individuals returning home from hospital and rehabilitation facilities. Available today for health care providers, insurers and family members - a 90-second daily phone call can improve wellness and health outcomes.

“One of the greatest challenges facing our communities is non-compliance with taking daily medications,” said Paul Merenbloom, founder and CEO of Concordia. “It’s easy to forget to take daily medications, especially routine ones that manage blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, or even a routine antibiotic. Our goal is to provide a gentle reminder, confirm that the individual has taken their medication, and report back to hospitals, health services providers, family members and others that medications have or have not been taken.”

Former Blue Cross Blue Shield technology executive Quentin Cantlo noted, “Today our health system has extraordinary pressure to keep patients healthy, on track with their medications, and taking steps necessary to support the best outcomes. The Affordable Care Act imposes substantial fines and penalties for readmissions. For Hospitals, doctors and insurance companies patient’s increased compliance taking medications, especially with chronic conditions, improves overall health and wellness outcomes, lowers costs, and risks – even more so where co-morbidity is involved.”

The Centers for Medicare Services reports that for 2014, in Maryland alone, patients treated for COPD had a 25.1% readmission rate, heart failure 26%, depression 23.9%, chronic kidney disease 25.5% and diabetes 22.8%. Increasing compliance with prescribed medication use is a key tool to help reduce each incident and readmission rates.

Created for high-risk, at risk, and chronic care individuals, 90-second calls serve to check-in, ask if medications have been taken, inquire how the respondent is feeling, ask if anything is needed or if the respondent would like to have a nurse or doctor contact them. Noting ongoing needs of providers (e.g. hospitals, physician groups, home health) and health insurance payers (e.g. Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Aetna) SentinelConnect™’s goal is to increase patient engagement and compliance, produce healthier populations, reduce insurance companies’ need for ready reserves and be a key vehicle to contain or even reduce health care costs and premiums.

Part of the SentinelCare™ offering suite developed for Aging-in-Place and Alzheimer’s/Dementia communities, SentinelConnect™ provides a cost effective Software-as-a-Service offering and is available immediately.

SentinelConnect offers doctors and nurses follow-up support for individuals discharged from hospitals, physical therapy/rehabilitation programs, and also supports longitudinal research and post-surveillance marketing programs.

For home health providers SentinelConnect™ is a powerful tool to augment in-home visits and services. For CCRC / Retirement communities, the service offers a low-cost way to keep in touch with residents on a daily basis. Advanced reporting and analysis tools, including voice analytics are expected during the first part of 2017.

ABOUT CONCORDIA SYSTEMS, INC. Based in Baltimore, Maryland and Colorado Springs, CO, Concordia is a software-as-a-service and data analytics provider supporting behavioral health and welfare insight. The company’s offerings support Aging-in-Place, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, chronic care and acute-discharge populations, providers, payers (insurance companies) and research communities.

For additional information contact SentinelConnect(at)ConcordiaUS(dot)com or call 410/484-3883.

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