World's Healthiest Dog Treat Dogsee Chew, Made from Yak Milk, Launched in UK

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All Natural Dog Treat Dogsee Chew, coming from Himalayan Yak Cheese called "Churpi" is launched in UK.

Every pet parent shares a special bond with their pets and we understand the important role that high-quality nutrition plays in their daily lives.

Dogsee Chew, a leading manufacturer and exporter of widely acclaimed 100% natural Himalayan Chews for Dogs, has partnered with Amazon to launch in the United Kingdom. This is the fourth International Market for Dogsee Chew and the first International Amazon partnership.

Dogsee Chew products are manufactured from “Churpi”, a special Cheese made from Yak and/or Cow milk mixed with pinch of Himalayan Rock Salt and few drops of Lime Juice. As these Himalayan chews are smoke-dried, they become hard during the drying process. These smoke-dried hard treats result in the best dental treats for dogs. There is no use of hardening agents, preservatives or other chemicals.

Dogsee Chew has been rated as No.1 in the dental treat category for dog treats in India, and it is currently supplied across more than 500 stores in India, Malaysia and Singapore. While the business is thriving in Asia, the company chose the UK as its first destination outside the continent.

Dogsee Chew works with over 6000 villagers in the Himalayan region and as a result uplifting the lives in the most rural parts of the World. So far the company has brought about significant changes in over 100 villages in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

After conducting a survey on the pet dogs in the major metropolitan Indian cities, Dogsee Chew realized that around 70% of the dog deaths occur due to kidney or liver failure. This is not only true of Indian pet dogs but dogs, globally. It happens majorly because the dog foods and treats manufactured from meat bi-products, high temperature heating processes and high concentration of chemicals in the form of preservatives and taste enhancers often contain toxins harmful for the canines.

Dogsee Chew founder Bhupendra wanted to devise an alternative for those unhealthy treats and rawhides that damage a dog’s liver directly. Hence, he founded Dogsee Chew.

Dogsee Chew’s products are manufactured under strictest quality standards. They come from the purest sources providing high-quality ingredients in the production process. As a result, the treats are free from any kind of preservative and feature wholesome ingredients perfect for dogs of all breeds and life stages. With a highly efficient supply chain, Dogsee Chew markets its products at highly competitive prices and delivers above the market standard margins to their business associates.

Dogsee Chew products are rich in Calcium (2153 mg/ 100gm), Crude Proteins (over 59%) and other minerals like Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron, which are great for increasing the immunity and longevity in dogs. The Chews are rich in Vitamins and contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and K.

The company currently retails six products:
1. Dogsee Chew Dental Bars: These are long lasting dog chews made from hardened cheese and are excellent for keeping dogs’ teeth and gums healthy and free from diseases. Best used for dental and training treats.
2. Dogsee Chew Energy Puffies: These are soft and crunchy popcorn-like treats; can be used both as nutritional and casual treats for dogs.
3. Dogsee Chew Multivitamin Nuggets: Tasty bite-sized chews that need to be micro waved to puff them up.
4. Dogsee Chew Dental Long Bars: These treats are a longer form of Dogsee Chew Dental Bars, and will last way longer than them.
5. Dogsee Chew Calcium Puffy Bars: These are softer bars best for puppies and smaller breeds.
6. Dogsee Chew Puffy Strips: These are long lasting strips, best for puppies’ dental needs.

"We know our customers are looking for a high-quality food with natural ingredients for their dogs, and by creating our own line, we are able to offer just that. Every pet parent shares a special bond with their pets and we understand the important role that high-quality nutrition plays in their daily lives. Hence we are thrilled to bring Dogsee Chew products to the UK,” says Bhupendra Khanal, CEO of Dogsee Chew.

Khanal adds, “Our products are the result of genuine love and care for dogs, and the desire to bring healthy all natural treats to our pets. We have received tremendous response from Asia and are expecting the same from the UK”

Director of International Business, Purbali Das adds, “We have utmost care for dogs as our motto and what could be better than giving them 100% natural treats. This nutritious, high-energy and traditional wonder will help to increase your dog’s life by at least 2 years as opposed to a standard pet treat.”
She explains their latest move, “The UK is an important and strategic market for Dogsee Chew, and we plan to use it as a gateway to expand our reach in other European countries.”

All natural ingredients in Dogsee Chew products help strengthen your dog’s immune system and improve digestion. These products keep your pets free from gluten allergies, lead to strengthened teeth and gums and keep them healthy overall. The products are human grade and since long, these traditional Yak chews have been eaten by people in the Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Here is what Dr Narendra R, Founder and Veterinarian at Bangalore Pet Hospital has to say about Dogsee Chew, “I have used Dogsee Chew on my own dogs. Needless to say the teeth are kept clean and neat by this. I can only say it should be tasting good otherwise the dogs would not be busy the whole night with it. I am happy that such a reasonably priced product is available in our country.”

About Dogsee Chew
Dogsee Chew is India’s first and the only all natural Dog treat company. These treats are Vegetarian, 100% Organic and Preservative free, and are made in the Himalayas from Yak Milk.

These products come highly recommended by veterinarians and pet parents alike. The company currently retails six products: All organic and Natural Dental Chew Bars, Energy Puffies, Multivitamin Nuggets, Long Dental Bars, Calcium Puffy Bars and Puffy Strips.

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