Verified Clinical Trials and The STARR Coalition Join Forces To Advocate For Mental Health Care

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The Verified Clinical Trials research subject database registry and The STARR Coalition partner to stop professional research subjects and improve mental health clinical trials research.

Verified Clinical Trials and The Starr Coalition partner to prevent duplicate enrollment in clinical trials and stop professional research subjects

Verified Clinical Trials and The Starr Coalition partner to improve mental health clinical trials.

Our partnership will allow both companies to work together and take big steps forward in improving the safety and data quality in mental health clinical trials.

The STARR Coalition today announced their partnership with Verified Clinical Trials in an ongoing effort to create meaningful change by increasing communication, partnerships and goodwill among stakeholders in the areas of treatment, advocacy, and pharmaceutical research with emphasis on consumers and patients’ mental health well-being.

Both organizations are dedicated to promoting patient and research subject safety as well as improved data quality in clinical trials focused on mental health. The two companies will collaborate to inspire their colleagues in medicine and clinical trials research to support patients with serious mental health conditions.

“We are thrilled to have been selected and partner with the STARR Coalition,” said Dr. Mitchell Efros, CEO of VCT. “Our partnership will allow both companies to work together and take big steps forward in improving the safety and data quality in mental health clinical trials.”

Kerri Weingard, COO of Verified Clinical Trials added, “Verified Clinical Trials is committed to improving the experience and safety in clinical trials. We are intensely focused on CNS clinical trials, and in particular psychiatric clinical studies where we see one of the biggest need and utilization of our technology. We are working towards a single database registry that will benefit all mental health clinical trials and the entire research community. Our ultimate goal is to provide maximal safety and better data quality to deliver better medical care and options for the patient.”

“We are once again adrenalized by adding Verified Clinical Trials as a partner and stakeholder of The STARR Coalition,” said Carol Witham, Board Chair of The STARR Coalition. “The mission of VCT will help galvanize all stakeholders to ensure the safety of all individuals who bravely enter a clinical trial.”

VCT maintains the largest global clinical trial research subject database registry to counter attempts at duplicate enrollment in clinical trial research. The majority of phase I units utilize Verified Clinical Trials to protect their clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials is specifically concentrated in psychiatry and CNS clinical trials and has amassed the most significant CNS research subject database.

Simultaneously enrolling in multiple clinical trials, or duplicate enrollment, has become a serious problem in the clinical research world. A growing number of research volunteers attempt to jump from one study to another without waiting for the appropriate amount of time to lapse. This creates dangerous issues for the drug manufacturer, the research site, the data quality, and, most importantly, the patient or volunteer.

There is a gap in the system of care. As a part of the holistic treatment approach, we understand research must continue to evolve to meet the needs of the patients. All individuals seeking assistance must know they have the ability and right to participate in clinical trials in the hopes of clearing the path for new opportunities in research. Patients also need the support of advocacy groups both locally and nationally to ensure accountability in their treatment as well as assist in understanding guidelines and rights of individuals in trials and treatment.

The STARR Coalition recognizes many golden threads in this union between stakeholders. All parties share the goal of ensuring individuals find a personal level of recovery from their symptoms. Positive outcomes necessitate treatment compliance with individuals invested in their care and recovery. Advocacy groups provide a wealth of support and information to consumers and their caregivers or families. By directing efforts to strengthen advocacy organizations from grassroots to national levels, we reinforce cooperation among all participants.

About The STARR Coalition:
To that end, we are beginning to see a thoughtful, collaborative environment evolve from the discussions across a broad range of stakeholders. The STARR Coalition is dedicated to nourishing and sustaining these relationships. As an independent nonprofit organization, The STARR Coalition invites all thought-leaders to join into important discussions as we work to reduce the stigma associated with CNS disorders as well as ensure each individual with a diagnosis understands participation in cutting edge clinical research is an option. With safe, effective research, cures are within reach. VCT and The STARR Coalition share a passion for protecting the rights and safety of the brave volunteers who participate in clinical trials.

About Verified Clinical Trials
Verified Clinical Trials is a forward thinking company developed by experts active in the clinical research community to proactively improve research subject safety and data quality in clinical research trials. Verified Clinical Trials halts duplicate enrollment in clinical trials and defines itself as the world’s leader in the field of database registries in clinical trial research. Verified Clinical Trials is the only clinical research subject database registry designed specifically to enhance the quality of both early and late phase trials, and has the scalability to reach all sites nationally as well as on a global level. Verified Clinical Trials offers numerous other value-added services to the clinical research site, CRO, and Pharmaceutical Sponsor that prove invaluable with regards to financial and legal issues and liabilities. Verified Clinical Trials prevents several other key protocol deviations. For more information, RSVP to or visit

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