Restaurant Revolution Technologies’ Innovative Catering & Outbound Business Development Solutions Continue to Generate New Business for Restaurant Chains

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Inventive new business solutions are delivering incremental revenues for restaurant partners revealed in new study.

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With our outbound business development solution, we truly go ‘Beyond Takeout’ by proactively creating new business opportunities for restaurants. This program is exclusive to RRT and has been very successful for operators,” David Schofield, CEO or RRT.

Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT), the leader in off-premise order management technology, is pleased to report that the company’s latest solutions – Catering and Outbound Business Development – implemented with several regional and national brand chains, has led to significant increases in new catering and restaurant business. The RRT Catering solution is designed to support the more complex and larger inbound catering orders while the Outbound Business Development solution focuses on outbound lead generation and the development of new potential long-term business.

Recently, RRT performed its own internal case study with a partner client utilizing the outbound and catering solutions. The results were as follows:

  • Over a nine month period working with (8) client locations, RRT generated in excess of $100,000 in new catering orders through its outbound efforts; when all costs were factored in, which included food and labor costs and RRT fees, the net contribution margin for the client exceeded 28%.
  • RRT made 6,300 outbound calls for their client.
  • RRT generated 105 in-person meetings for their client.
  • 160 total new catering orders were realized.
  • Average size of ticket was $625.00
  • Beyond the new catering orders, the in-person appointments allowed the client to meet with local businesses to discuss and promote their catering business, which greatly increased their visibility within the local community and position the client to capture future catering orders when events are held. As part of RRT’s overall program, RRT provides direct follow-up after these appointments are held to keep the clients’ catering business “top of mind” and to be readily available when new catering opportunities arise.
  • RRT also provides special campaigns to take advantage of peak catering time periods, such as special campaigns for the 4th of July, Back to School, Thanksgiving or other high volume holiday periods.
  • Based on these results, numerous other clients are planning to launch RRT’s Inbound and Outbound Catering platforms in the near future.

“The off-premise business is the fastest growing segment within the restaurant industry and represents close to 40 percent of our industry’s total market opportunity. That continues to be our focus with our ‘Beyond Takeout’ positioning within the industry, assisting our restaurant partners in numerous areas to help them optimize their off-premise operations, maximizing profitability and creating a better guest experience,” said David Schofield, CEO of RRT. “A key part of these off-premise opportunities is supporting the larger and more complex catering orders, which is a rapidly growing segment within the industry. However, the majority of operators are extremely challenged in supporting these larger transactions as well as actively engaging in outbound business development. Often times the dine-in experience is their primary focus and the other opportunities, specifically as related to off-premise opportunities, are neglected. Operators need to understand that they are leaving a significant amount of money on the table. With our outbound business development solution, we truly go ‘Beyond Takeout’ by proactively creating new business opportunities for restaurants. This program is completely exclusive to RRT and has proven to be very appealing and successful for operators.”

RRT’s catering and outbound business development solutions offer the following:

  • Targeting specific types of businesses, based on size, number of employees or geographical region.
  • Providing focused campaigns to take advantage of high volume opportunities, such as Back-to School, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays
  • Support community-specific opportunities including events, new business openings, charities, organizations and more
  • Scheduling appointments for local management to introduce promotions and incentives
  • Integration with POS systems
  • Data analysis to help determine specific ROI from promotions and initiatives
  • Multi-touch email and phone call campaigns
  • Sales-oriented agents with extensive restaurant training and experience

The catering and outbound business development offerings complements RRT’s suite of services, which include its patented takeout order management software, supported by its integrated call center, online and mobile ordering, and customized loyalty platforms. Use of RRT’s suite of services has provided a strong ROI to its clients.

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Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) provides popular restaurant chains nationwide easy-to-implement phone, online and mobile takeout, order management, customer loyalty and catering solutions that enable restaurant operators to offer their takeout customers a consistently professional and delightful ordering experience where the customer rarely waits on hold, speaks to a friendly and knowledgeable menu-certified virtual waiter, and can be confident that the order is accurate. It’s what we refer to as going “Beyond Takeout.” The turnkey, patented takeout order management software system provides a positive ROI by reducing operational costs, while increasing the number of orders and improving profits by leveraging the feature rich call center, online and mobile ordering platforms all integrated with top POS systems that service a majority of restaurant’s nationally. Visit us online at:

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