“Get Out” Movie Gets Facts Wrong About Hypnosis

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Positive Changes Hypnosis Rates Horror Movie 5 Stars for Suspense, but 5 Pinocchio’s for Misleading Audiences

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'Hollywood is great at creating scary monsters,' observes Laurie Brunner, CEO of Positive Changes. 'But it should be more careful about confusing fact and fiction.'

Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood…they've done it again. With suspense-thriller “Get Out,” fiction trumps fact by luring audiences into a misguided understanding of hypnosis. Hypnosis is portrayed as a form of mind control, a sneaky trick to manipulate human lives — in this case the lives of African-American men. Scary? Definitely. Realistic? Not at all.

“The film was captivating, but should be taken for what it is — just a scary movie,” says Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Sandra Norman of Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers, LLC.

From the perspective of a real-life hypnotherapist, the most chilling aspect of “Get Out” was its dangerous suggestion that hypnosis is some kind of evil tool for invading the minds of hapless victims against their will and getting them to do someone else’s treacherous bidding. Such a portrayal is not only utterly inaccurate, it’s downright damaging to the honorable and professional healing practice of hypnosis.

“In reality,” explains Norman, “hypnotherapy has been healing minds and bodies for hundreds of years. Hypnosis does not put people to sleep or into some kind of comatose trance. Rather, it uses a state of deep relaxation in which the client voluntarily permits the hypnotherapist to suggest positive thoughts and behaviors sought by the client, which the human brain is most receptive to while in an open and relaxed state. No one can be hypnotized against his or her will. If at any time someone decides a particular suggestion is not right for them, they have complete control to reject it. Clients remain aware of their surroundings during hypnosis and cannot be manipulated or controlled. It is completely safe.”

Hypnosis is among the most studied interventions in neuroscience, with more than 12,000 peer-reviewed, clinical research papers published on it since the 1950s. There is general agreement in the scientific community that it is beneficial for a range of issues encountered in medicine, psychology and psychiatry, including stress, anxiety, pain and sleeplessness. When practiced properly and with integrity, hypnosis can help clients make the life changes they want.

“Hollywood is great at creating scary monsters,” observes Laurie Brunner, CEO of Positive Changes. “But it should be more careful about confusing fact and fiction. Audiences would be wise to fear the mind-bending suggestions of Hollywood scriptwriters far more than the healthy, healing process of professional hypnotherapy. At Positive Changes, we are proud of the professionalism of our staff and the life changing results that so many have found from hypnosis.”

Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers help clients be the best they can be, using hypnosis therapeutically to guide each client to the changes they seek within a relaxed, stress-free experience. “Not only does hypnosis not cause the subject to lose free will, it actually helps the client take control of his or her own life,” concludes Norman.

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