AACFL Massachusetts Divorce Attorneys Protecting their Clients from a Changing Economy

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A changing economy has resulted in an impressive group of divorce attorneys in Massachusetts who are comitted to helping their clients by adapting to these changes with the CFL™ designation.

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The organization’s mission is to solve a growing problem in the divorce world – a rapidly changing economy.

Divorce attorneys who adapt well to a changing financial world can be better equipped to achieve their client’s goals. A rapidly changing economy and new compensation plans has caused the CFL™ designation to become the nation’s fasted growing trend with elite divorce attorneys who work with high net worth clients. The Massachusetts CFL™ community have truly been leaders, helping both their clients and the court system, by supporting the mission of being on the cutting edge of financial solutions and strategies for divorce!

These attorneys continue to support the mission of the AACFL with the CFL™ designation and continued membership. In a relatively short time, the AACFL membership has grown nationwide to states including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Florida, Texas, and California. This expansive growth would not have occurred without the dedication of its Massachusetts members. The AACFL applauds the commitment of its Massachusetts Chapter Members and CFL™s.

The broad appeal of the CFL™ is that it solves a significant problem in the legal world that AACFL members are committed to fixing. A common path for many attorneys is to study liberal arts at the undergraduate level, then to go to law school, and then to be fighting for their clients’ financial future without any formal financial training. The mission of this group is to fix that problem because of how complex today’s financial economy has become. A solid understanding of the financial fundamentals taught in the CFL™ Training course can make the difference between an attorney’s client struggling after their divorce and the client being able to start the next chapter of their life with more financial security for their family. While years of experience as a divorce attorney is undoubtedly valuable, imagine the power and benefit to clients of combining that legal knowledge with enhanced financial knowledge!

An additional goal for the group is to raise the level of financial knowledge in the family law community, freeing up the judge’s schedules from having to deal with these matters. This will allow judges to spend more time on areas such as domestic abuse, custody problems, and other important, non-financial, family matters. The organization believes that this is a goal that society would benefit from greatly.

The uniqueness of the CFL™ designation and training program is that it was developed by nationally recognized financial firms, financial experts, attorneys and judges who believe in the mission. To create public confidence, the CFL™ designation is only awarded to members of the AACFL who have taken the time to study and receive a passing grade on an objective, comprehensive exam covering these concepts. Not all divorce lawyers would make the commitment of time and effort to obtain and prove their knowledge in these areas. The AACFL seeks to publicly recognize the dedication of these members and CFLs and will be indicating those who have earned the designation on their Massachusetts Chapter website, available for public viewing: http://www.aacfl.org/chapter-ma/

The AACFL is hopeful that this trend will continue in Massachusetts and that its mission of helping the public and the court system will be achieved through the dedication of its members. Currently, the membership represents some of the finest divorce attorneys and firms in Massachusetts and nationwide. Congratulations to the following Massachusetts Members!

  •     Steven Gurdin, CFL - Fitch Law Partners
  •     Peter Barlow, CFL - Kates & Barlow
  •     Laura Gibbs, CFL - Gibbs & Heinle LLP
  •     Robin Nardone, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Stephen Lander, CFL - Lander & Lander, P.C.
  •     Norman Jacobs - Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone
  •     David Lee - Lee & Rivers, LLC
  •     Mary Beth Sweeney, CFL - Atwood & Cherny, PC
  •     Robert Rivers - Lee & Rivers, LLC
  •     Mary Ferriter, CFL - Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone
  •     Gayle Stone Turesky, CFL - Stone, Stone & Creem
  •     Carolyn Van Tine, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Nancy Van Tine, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Jessica Dubin - Lee & Rivers, LLC
  •     Steve Ryan - Witmer, Karp, Warner & Ryan LLP
  •     Dean Amrose - McGrath & Kane Attorneys at Law, Inc.
  •     Gary Todd- Todd & Weld, LLP
  •     Kristin Doeberl - Verrill Dana
  •     Patricia Fernandez, CFL - Patricia S. Fernandez & Associates
  •     Laura Studen, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Marc Fitzgerald - Casner & Edwards, LLP
  •     Joanne    Romanow - Casner & Edwards, LLP
  •     Calvin Heinle - Gibbs & Heinle LLP
  •     Kirsten Young - Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP
  •     Kristin Bullwinkel - Bullwinkel and Brooks, LLC
  •     Michael Judge    - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Susan Grandis - Rubin & Rudman, LLP
  •     Marc Cooper - Fields, Dennis & Cooper, LLP
  •     David Abramson - Verrill Dana
  •     Barbara Nason, CFL - Nason Divorce Solutions
  •     Al DeNapoli - Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rogers, PC
  •     Sandra Lundy, CFL - Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rogers, PC
  •     Patricia Saint James - Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rogers, PC
  •     Peter Kajko - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Julie Hess - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Patricia O'Connell - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Kristen Jiang - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Stephen MacKenzie - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Maura Anderson - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Molly Wilson Chung - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Matthew Passalacqua - Kajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLP
  •     Gary Avratin, CFL - Gary S Avratin Law Office
  •     Joshua Tracey - Tracey and Associates
  •     Jeffrey Soilson, CFL - Fitch Law Partners
  •     Andrea Delaney, CFL - Fields, Dennis & Cooper, LLP
  •     Sheryl Dennis, CFL - Fields, Dennis & Cooper, LLP
  •     Adam Avratin, CFL - Adam S. Avratin, Attorney
  •     Kristine Cummings - Fitch Law Partners
  •     Richard Bardi - Richard C. Bardi & Associates, LLP
  •     Barbara Drury, CFL - Fitch Law Partners
  •     JoAnne Meyers, CFL - Novick and Meyers
  •     Shaun Forsyth - Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone
  •     Carlos Maycotte, CFL - Fitch Law Partners
  •     John Quigley, CFL - Law Offices of John E. Quigley PC
  •     Regina Snow Mandl, CFL - Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo LLP
  •     Brian Heneghan - Kates & Barlow
  •     Toni Rafanelli, CFL - Rafanelli & Kittredge, P.C.
  •     Marcia Mavrides - Mavrides Law
  •     Laura Cervizzi, CFL - Cervizzi & Associates
  •     Rosanne Klovee - Law Office of Rosanne Klovee LLC
  •     Monique Maillet - Fraier & Maillet, P.C.
  •     Tiffany Howard, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Helen Holcomb, CFL - Cunha & Holcomb, P.C.
  •     Alisha Tomasino - Tomasino Legal Group, LC
  •     Lisa Marino - Wilson, Marino & Bonnevie, P.C.
  •     Leila Wons - Law Office of Leila J. Wons
  •     John Hoffman - Hoffman Law Group
  •     Arthur Sneider - Sneider Kellman, PC
  •     Julia Rodgers - Mavrides Law
  •     Bonnie Karshbaum, CFL - Bonnie Lynne Karshbaum
  •     David Russman - Russman Law
  •     Francine Gardikas, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Geraldine McEvoy - McEvoy & Stuntz, LLP
  •     Robyn Frye Honig - Honig & Barnes
  •     Ronald Barriere, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Andrea Dunbar, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Judy McKinnon, CFL - Stone, Stone & Creem
  •     Howard Lewis - Lewis Breau
  •     Laura Unflat - The Law Office of Laura M. Unflat
  •     Karen Van Kooy - Israel, Van Kooy & Days, LLC
  •     Cheryl Garrity, CFL - Cheryl Garrity Attorney At Law
  •     Martha Bagley, CFL - Law Office of Martha Bagley
  •     Erica Foster- Law Office of Erica M. Foster
  •     Christie Jacobi - Gibbs & Heinle LLP
  •     Lisa Graff - The Law Offices of Lisa J. Graff
  •     Amy Dawson - The Law Offices of Lisa J. Graff
  •     Kathryn Yates - Bullwinkel & Brooks, LLC
  •     Theresa Ramos - Tracey and Associates
  •     Elizabeth Crowley, CFL - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Thomas Taranto, CFL - Law Office of Thomas J. Taranto P.C.
  •     Katie Cintolo, CFL - Stone, Stone & Creem
  •     Anna Klimas, CFL - Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP
  •     Laurel Spallone, CFL - Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP
  •     Jeffrey Quinn - Jeffrey Quinn, Esq.
  •     Joshua Robbins - Lewis Breau
  •     Ann Breau Karpenski - Lewis Breau
  •     Hindell Grossman - Grossman & Associates, LTD.
  •     Robert Jutras, CFL - Sheehan, Schiavoni, Jutras & Magliocchetti, LLP
  •     Sonja Starins, CFL - Sheehan, Schiavoni, Jutras & Magliocchetti, LLP
  •     Cynthia Sullivan, CFL - Cynthia Sullivan, Attorney at Law
  •     Russell Smith - Fitch Law Partners, LLP
  •     Andrea Lance - Lance Law, LLC
  •     Lisa Cukier - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Cynthia Runge - Law Office of Cynthia T. Runge
  •     Sheara Friend - Law Office of Sheara Friend
  •     Lorraine Stark - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Christopher Walsh - Gibbs & Heinle LLP
  •     Eric Schutzbank - Berid Schutzbank
  •     Steven Weil, CFL - Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon, PC
  •     Jeff Melick, CFL - Kates & Barlow
  •     Kevin Rauseo - Hamblett & Kerrigan
  •     David Friedman - Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster, PC
  •     Thomas MacMillan - MacMillan Law Offices
  •     Karen Buckley    - Rosenberg, Freedman, & Lee, LLP.
  •     Laurel Peterson, CFL - Michael Flores, PC
  •     Steven Ballard - Law Offices of Steven Ballard
  •     Anthony Low - Shapiro Law Group, PC
  •     Christina Pashou, CFL - Mavrides Law
  •     Lauren Bussey, CFL - Brick, Sugarman, Jones & McBrien, LLP
  •     Amanda Shuman - Danger Law LLC
  •     Charlene Caldeira - Lander & Lander, P.C.
  •     Robin Gibbs - Robin A. Gibbs, Esq.
  •     Emmanuel Dockter - Baum & Dockter
  •     Daryl Zules - Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP
  •     Karen Levitt - Levitt Law Group
  •     Brad Taylor - Marcum LLP
  •     Jennifer Lamanna - Lamanna Law Offices
  •     Beth Nussbaum - Nussbaum Family Law
  •     Richard Novitch, CFL - Todd & Weld, LLP
  •     Wendie Murstein, CFL - Kates & Barlow
  •     Jane Fraier, CFL - Fraier & Maillet, P.C.
  •     Linda O'Connell, CFL - Linda A. O'Connell
  •     Jennifer Allen - Cantanzaro & Allen, LLC
  •     Stephanie Curtin - Kenowitz & Greenberg, P.C.
  •     Jordan Bowne    - Burns & Levinson, LLP
  •     Cara Sgobba, CFL - Cervizzi & Associates
  •     Lisa Wilson - Wilson, Marino & Bonnevie, P.C.

Steven E. Gurdin, Esq., CFL — Partner at Fitch Law Partners, LLP, Boston, MA and AACFL Advisory Board member states, “I have been a civil litigator for over 20 years with a focus on family law. I found the course materials and course faculty to be first rate. The training provides many useful practice tips and the course materials are a deep resource of substantive material that will help me and my colleagues in our day to day practice. I highly recommend the AACFL and its training to litigators who deal with financial issues on a regular basis."

For more information, the National AACFL website is http://www.aacfl.org.

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