Bonk Live announces April 2017 launch and a $10,000 USD per day payout for VIP hosts

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Bonk Live announces payout of $10,000 USD per day for vip broadcasters now being hired for new live streaming mobile application

Bonk life for a better life


Today Bonk Live announced that it would be hiring talented online broadcasters and advertising influencers. Bonk live has a unique mobile platform that will allow users to earn huge money while streaming online.

Bonk live will pay the mobile online broadcasters to play commercial videos and read advertisements while they stream live online. The VIP broadcaster who has a ranking of 60 or more and who has been officially ranked as “Bonkified” can play a maximum of 60 videos per day earning $150 USD for each video add they play. And $15 to 50 dollars for every add they read while live and online.

According to the company’s president, John Lamb, "There is a Maximum payout on advertising earnings of $10,000 USD per day for every VIP Broadcaster, as we only allow a maximum of 60 videos and 20 advertising reads to be played in any 24-hour period per broadcaster. Moreover, in the future people will have to earn the position by reaching a certain level on the application."

The levels for the Bonk live application are:

Bonnaroo up to level 10

Bonnarookie up to level 20

Bonkeroony up to level 30

Bonkers up to level 40

Bonkai up to level 50

Bonkatronz up to level 60

Bonkin up to level 70

Bonkified up to level 80

The company is now hiring talented people who will be given an instant VIP status. The new VIPs that will be allowed to use the VIP Button on the mobile application starting with a title of a Bonkified broadcaster level 1. The application will start at the end of April 2017 and is free to download and will earn each broadcaster big money. Bonk live broadcasters earn each level by watching live broadcasters, streaming a broadcast, or by giving virtual gifts. The VIP button can only be used broadcasters who have been Bonkified. Once a broadcaster receives this status they have the option to play videos or read advertisements during their live stream.

Joshua Flynn, a marketing director for the company, said, “Many people have dreamed of becoming a superstar. Some have talent and some don’t. However, with Bonk Live, will allow everyone to be seen. Bonk Live allows the world to meet those people live and in person that would normally never be seen. The broadcasters earn money doing what they love to do. On the other hand, some people are simply passionate about meeting and chatting with people and will be able to have fun online talking with friends and earning money globally.”

Bonk Live has started hiring VIP hosts and hostesses to stream live on the new mobile application that will launch at the end of April 2017. Bonk Live’s new dynamic live streaming platform allow people to share what they love to their viewers in real time. Moreover, the broadcasters will share their favorite products and show videos of new products being offered globally around the world. The mobile platform also features a carousel that allows the viewer to push the advertising button that will reveal special discounts and offers for every online viewer watching.

The broadcaster also receives cash every time someone pushes on an advertising logo during their broadcast. The broadcaster also receives virtual gifts for their performances and can turn those gifts into real cash at any time by simply using their Bonk ATM debit card or using the ASAP BONK LIVE MasterCard.

Bonk Live is a place that allows anyone at any time to showcase their talents or simply chat and socialize with people on the Bonk Live mobile platform. People will be singing, dancing, gaming, painting, chatting and etc.

Boink Live streaming SRL is the company that built the Bonk Live's mobile application The company is now accepting 1-2-minute audition videos for review and will be hiring new talent that will be using the VIP button on the application.

The board of directors has also built a special artificial intelligence that will ban anyone doing bad things while streaming live on the application. The application has a feature called the Bonk police. It is a dog in a police outfit that appears on the screen and has only 3 distinct actions.

Action 1 is a 1-hour suspension from using the Bonk application.

Action 2 is a 1-week suspension from using the Bonk application.

Action 3 is a complete ban on using the Bonk application.

The Bonk police API is on 24 hours a day making sure there is no nudity and stopping inappropriate content. while also blocking outside intruders or viruses.

Bonk live has also created an API that allows each room to be monitored by the Bonk gatekeeper who will guard and protect each broadcaster. The gatekeeper can only be achieved through a bidding process who help protect friends and fans who want to keep things safe and who have the authority to block and or kick people out of a broadcast who are offensive or misusing the application.

The new mobile application has the functionality of 100 mobile applications all integrated into one app. Not to mention a plethora of new algorithms and codes co-developed with companies such as Populace, idap, and Castle Productions since 2016 all owned by Boink live streaming.

Boink Live is set to be the largest multi-billion-dollar Social streaming mobile tech company on the planet:

Unprecedented six multi-facet income revenue streams!
Revenue opportunities for over 4 billion + people
A unique advertising mecca fueled by user incentive
More value for broadcasters
Enhanced content for viewers
More comprehensive media for advertisers in one medium
Innovative payment systems via Bonk Debit
Real time ROI for anyone gauging advertising dollar returns
Live Stats portal and actual cash balance sheet for broadcasters
Boink Live also has an indefinite amount of Recording space and a function with multi-platform live sharing capability from peer to peer or person to person.

Bonk live virtual gifts are 2d and 3d. The gifts were developed by castle productions. The current 3d gifts on the application will be:

BonkLive™ Yacht
BonkLive™ White Castle
BonkLive™ Castle
Character Creation (Demi-God for BonkLive™)
BonkLive™ Disco Light
BonkLive™ Fireworks
BonkLive™ Gold Coins
BonkLive™ Jetplane
BonkLive™ Money Falling
BonkLive™ Motorbike Harley
BonkLive™ RainStorm
BonkLive™ SportsCar Ferrari
BonkLive™ SportsCar Porche
BonkLive™ Demi-God
Bonk Live will launch by April 2017.

Bonk live for a better life

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