#Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age, Award-Winning Book, Immunizes Against ‘Virus’ of Modern Age, Connects Readers to their Heart's Infinite Wisdom

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Meticulously researched and written by Tony Jeton Selimi, ‘#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age’ explores the fierce scientific, psychological, emotional, and spiritual impact of loneliness – a problem that has become an ironic epidemic in a world that is more interconnected than ever before. An invisible virus that is spreading, infecting, and killing people, especially the young and the elderly. Empowering readers to redefine themselves and overcome the adversity, anxiety and stagnancy likely blighting their lives, Selimi truly breaks new ground in a volume that received a Finalist Award in the 2016 International Book Contest and with his recent appeareance on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and their affilaite channels with legendary Brian Tracy.

Tony Jeton Selimi with Brian Tracy on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and other affiliate channels

"A balm for the restless soul yearning for connection, freedom, and love in the desert of emptiness" by Dr. John Demartini, International best-selling author

In a world where communication is instant, where billions of people can interact at just a moment’s notice, it will come as a shock to many to learn that loneliness is a an epidemic more rampant and destructive than at any point in history. In fact, almost everyone faces adversity from loneliness that causes them some degree of depression, anxiety or diminished self-esteem.

It’s a subject that has fascinated human behavioural and cognition expert Tony J. Selimi for years, inspiring him to dive deeper into loneliness than anyone else, and producing the award-winning book ‘#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age’.


So connected, we disconnected!

We have become accustomed to a new way of being alone together in a technological cocoon that covers up our real pain, shame, and guilt. Our true essence is hidden behind facades that we show to the world from the fear of being judged, criticized, and rejected. This is what brings us out of a natural state of healthy balance, is the root cause of disease, and what creates the segregation experienced worldwide.

#Loneliness is a global call for people to redefine themselves in the face of life's greatest challenges. Comforting, moving, and spiritually practical, this book is a guide to help people break through their apparent loneliness, fears, and limitations and awaken their greatness required to shift themselves toward crowd-nurtured world peace and support them through the next stage in our evolution.

“Loneliness not only disintegrates peoples’ mental and physical health, but also infects their genome and leads to multiple changes, while painting a dark and negative picture of the world around them,” explains the author, who is on a unique mission to inspire 1 billion people to awaken their heart’s infinite wisdom and love. “The most surprising thing to learn is that today’s obsession with technology does nothing more than simply awaken the loneliness already inside us all, which further spirals our moods and outlook.

Selimi is not alone in speaking about this, professor John Cacioppo the director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, in his book Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection examines the pathology and public health implications of the subject.

The goal of this book is to make people aware of the form in which loneliness manifests in their lives, empower them to redefine themselves and their lives so they can overcome adversity, and build the happiness and prosperity they so deeply crave.”

Continuing, “The book shows people how to turn adversity into opportunities, listen to their hearts calling in ways they didn’t know possible, amplify their awareness and ultimately break free of the cocoon that is stopping them from seeing and embracing the beauty of this world. But it goes beyond us as individuals; we need to unite and ignite humanity’s collective voice so we can progress safely to the next stage of our evolution where the rise of super conscious artificial intelligence may lead to a technological Armageddon that threatens our very same existence. It all starts with this book.”

Critics agree, receiving the volume with critical acclaim. For example, singer-songwriter Laurie Cagno comments, “Tony reveals how inner discord creates our deceptive loneliness, which is spontaneously appearing around the world in the form of war, illness, high divorce rates, financial crisis, and so much more. A life manual that shows us how to extract wisdom from every life adversity to become more balanced, mindful, and heart centered”.

Another reader adds, “A most touching and inspiring, uplifting book written with courage, humbleness, with truth from the big heart of its author. A book for anyone and everyone, a must for all that are facing struggles in this modern age of false connectedness. Through his challenging experiences Tony will guide you and encourage you to make the changes that your soul is craving for.”

Dr. Sc. Stamenov, invasive cardiologist quotes "Tony's personal journey through abuse, bullying, civil war, and living homeless on the streets of London brings the reader into a heart wrenching state that awakens every readers emotion and personal truth before they are introduced to powerful ideas that invites the reader why they must “wake-up now.”"

It’s also been a hit among critics, too, with one recently writing, "The worldview developed here transcends science, dogma, and belief, giving readers a new way to reconnect with their truth, hearts, and Divine within.”

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Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 236 pages | ISBN 9781504344012
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 236 pages | ISBN 9781504343992
E-Book | 238 pages | ISBN 9781504344005

Available at Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kindle, and Audible

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Finalist in four categories in the USA Book Awards 2016

Finalist in two Categories in the International Book Award 2016

Learn more at: http://tonyselimi.com/books/loneliness-the-virus-of-the-modern-age/

About the Author

Tony J. Selimi is an internationally renowned author, keynote speaker, human behaviour and cognition expert known as The See-Through Coach. He is an authority on the psychology of maximising human and business potential, leadership, emotional intelligence, relationship, and operating at high levels of achievement. He is the co-founder of Jeton Alexander, Living My Illusion and the founder of The Velvet Journey and TJS Cognition, a coaching, mentoring, speaking, consulting, education institute dedicated to exploring & expanding the frontiers of human awareness.

Tony’s vision is to reach, educate, elevate the minds, and inspire and awaken the hearts infinite wisdom and love of 1 Billion people. His mission is to inspire men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colors to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders, teachers, and healers who help others awaken their infinite innate wisdom and love. To learn, grow, and advance their human potential through his books, speaking, teaching, and in partnership with Vandercom create real life documentaries and films that serve as an educational mirror for people from all markets and sectors to live healthy, balanced, meaningful, and purposeful lives.

Selimi is the creator of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM® and a successful entrepreneur who went from being a teenage victim of war living homeless on the streets of London feeling lonely, abandoned, and broken to graduating with honours, climbing the corporate ladder, and becoming an internationally published author of two No:1 Amazon bestselling and award-winning books; A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness.

As a pioneer on the frontier of human consciousness, education, business, and healthcare transformation and an explorer of the ultimate nature of reality, Selimi is also interested in the field of psycho-spiritual development & transformation.
Hundreds of published articles and feature stories about Selimi and his insightful personal, spiritual and professional development methodologies have appeared in numerous international magazines and newspapers. He has appeared on radio and television news and talk shows and featured in Living My Illusion documentary. As a speaker, Selimi has shared his transformative principles and methodologies in conferences to business executives, health professionals, financial managers and consultants working in the field of human consciousness.

Tony is no stranger to the media, appearing in various national magazines including Soul and Spirit, Global Women, Science to Sage, Migrant Women, Self-Coaching, Accelerate Your Business, Changing Careers Magazine, Consciousness Magazine, Your Wellness, Time Out, and Sage. He appeared on various TV channels including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, SKY, AlsatM, RTK, RTV2, RTM, Klan Kosova, Soul Mate Relationship World Summit, and radio shows including Hay House, Voice of America, Knowledge for Men, Self-Discovery Radio, Dona Seebo show, Beyond 50, News for the Soul, TangledFm, Spirit Radio, and many more.

He globally provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in talks, workshops, one to one coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, articles, on radio and in TV interviews. He specializes in assisting business owners from all market sectors and people from all professions in finding solutions to their personal and business problems, accelerate their learning, and achieve excellence in all of the eight key areas of life; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Business, Money, Relationship and Love.

He is regularly sought out to speak and advise on subjects of leadership, mindfulness, entrepreneurialship, conscious relationships, culture and innovation to corporations of all sizes and industries, government, politics and education.

Tony leaves his clients feeling inspired, enlightened, and peaceful. Selimi is also the author of Amazon #1 bestselling and award winning book “A Path to Wisdom.”

More information can be found at: http://tonyselimi.com

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