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iFavr, a quiz app designed to overcome the limitations of traditional poll and survey methods has recently been released to the public. iFavr empowers users to share their opinions, compare results, and discover what their peers like most.

iFavr began with a simple rhetorical question: “are surveys hot or not?” The answer was a clear “no!”

The brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Anton Parsons, the iFavr app, was designed to put student users in control of surveys. TechnoSIP, a New York based firm was selected to develop the app based on their expertise in AI and big data solutions.

Understanding the iFavr App

iFavr is a free app with a simplified format for creating polls, allowing users to design and publish new survey material with ease. When users want to create a new question or answer an existing one, they simply fill out three lines. The first, labelled “iFavr,” contains the item that they think is the best. The second, labelled “over,” contains the item they consider to be the next best after the first item. Finally, the third item, labelled with a question mark, describes the context of the question.

Say that a user wants to create a “would you rather” poll to see which countries potential backpackers like to travel through. They could enter “Portugal” in the first line, “Brazil” in the second,” and “the best country to backpack through” in the final line. The app will then publish “iFavr Portugal over Brazil the best country to backpack through” as a publicly accessible quiz.

Once a quiz has been published, other users can access it and contribute their own answer choices. Say another user found the backpacking quiz but decided that neither Portugal nor Brazil was a suitable entry, instead believing that Nicaragua was the best country to backpack through. They could take the quiz and enter “Nicaragua over Portugal the best country to backpack through.” This entry would be visible to other users in the quiz results, making it clear that the initial two answers did not represent the full range of opinions on this subject.

Metrics & Measurements

In addition to allowing users to post and answer quizzes, iFavr also provides clear metrics for the results of those quizzes. As more people answer each question, the app consolidates their responses into a bar graph and a pie chart, which users can switch between at will. This makes it easy for ordinary users, most of whom do not have training for how to poll professionally, to interpret others’ responses and discover the most popular answers.

To use the backpacking quiz again, let’s say that five users thought Portugal was the best country for backpacking, while three answered Brazil, two answered Ghana, and one answered Nicaragua. The bar graph would show a “Portugal” bar with five votes, followed by a “Brazil” bar with three votes, a “Ghana” bar with two, and a “Nicaragua” bar with one. For the pie chart, Portugal would take up half of the pie, Brazil one-third, Ghana one-fifth, and Nicaragua one-tenth.

The Creation of iFavr

iFavr began with a simple rhetorical question: “are surveys hot or not?” The answer was a clear “no;” throughout his life, Anton Parsons had taken countless surveys, almost none of which were engaging or accessible. Standard quizzes often put limits on the range of customer responses, undermining the value of the data. Customer satisfaction quizzes, for example, sometimes require users to provide an explanation if they say they are “very satisfied” or “very unsatisfied,” leading many people to choose more moderate responses. A lack of explanation options can also be a problem. Say a restaurant asks customers whether they would recommend it to their family and friends, but doesn’t provide space for explanations. Users who say “no” cannot indicate whether they voted that way because they don’t like the restaurant or because their family and friends don’t live near it.

Parsons realized the problem was that users didn't have enough control over the surveys they took, and thus couldn't create questions with more effective answer choices. Because most consumers lack the programming skills to publish surveys on their own, he designed an app that would take care of the technical side for them. Users who downloaded the app would have instant access to a format that made it clear how to quiz others and interpret the results. There would thus be few barriers to designing polls and surveys directly suited to each user’s needs.

Applications of the iFavr App

The iFavr app can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. These include:

Trip Planning- iFavr allows users who are planning trips to vote on locations, activities, accommodations, and other aspects of their journey. This makes it useful for large family vacations, school field trips, and other plans that require large numbers of people to agree on multiple factors.

Restaurant Selection- Friends, family members, and significant others can use iFavr to compare different restaurants in a given area and decide which one to visit. Restaurants can also use it to assess how their popularity compares to that of their competitors, as well as to determine possible strategies to attract more customers.

Decisions for Entertainment- Whether they are deciding on movies, sporting events, concerts, or any number of other entertainment sources, iFavr makes it easy to assess each participant’s level of interest and choose accordingly.

Party Planning- With iFavr, hosts can assess what foods to serve, what locations to book, and other characteristics for events and parties.

Community Organization- PTA boards, town councils, and other community groups can use the app to determine discussion topics, gauge public opinion, or otherwise set the agenda in advance.

Just For Fun- iFavr recently released a Quiz Feed, where you and your friends can post quizzes and compare results to the community benchmarks. Just pick a quiz, invite your friends, and see how you stack up.

While the app was originally designed for students, individuals from any age group can benefit from it, as can businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. Download iFavr today and experience just how empowering it is to take charge of the survey experience.

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