American Made Tool Helping Shape Future of U.S. Energy Independence

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Shields Company Magnetics has sold more than 2,000 Magnetic Nail Sweeps to oil and natural gas pipeline operators and contractors in the U.S. and Canada to aid in cleaning up stray pieces of steel during pipeline construction.

"Oil and natural gas pipeline supply companies have come to rely on Shields Company magnetic sweepers because they are the strongest and most reliable equipment in the industry."

Shields Magnetics Inc, the nations leading manufacturer of magnetic sweepers and professional grade magnetic safety equipment, is working closely with the oil and gas pipeline infrastructures to insure a safe, clean and contaminant-free environment".

Spanning over 700 miles, the Rover Pipeline is a new interstate natural gas pipeline that is designed to transport 3.25 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/day) of domestically produced natural gas to markets in the Midwest, Northeast, East Coast, Gulf Coast and Canada.

The Rover Pipeline will have direct deliveries in Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, and into the Dawn Hub in Ontario, Canada. This will provide a broader network of distribution points back into the U.S., Northeast and Canadian market.

The Rover pipeline is just one example of many new pipeline projects in place and utilizing an American manufacturer's product to insure a clean product and a safe environment. Pipeline crews have been using thousands of Shields Company Magnetic Nail Sweeps to clean up stray pieces of steel scrap metal generated during construction of pipelines. To date, Shields Company has provided more than 2,000 magnet sweepers to oil and gas pipeline operators and contractors in the United States and Canada.

While these tools are small in stature, the job they do removing all of the scrap metal in and around the pipeline is important for several reasons:
1.    Any metal debris, in or around the pipeline can negate integrity testing
2.    Stray steel left behind in trenches can encourage corrosion of the pipeline
3.    Metal and other foreign debris left in the soil is an environmental hazard that can harm plants and wildlife
4.    Metal debris can cause flat tires or get into other construction equipment and cause malfunctions that force delays in the construction timeline

Why more pipeline operators are relying on Shields Magnetics products:
1.    Magnetic sweepers are built with the highest quality Grade-8 permanent magnets capable of removing large amounts of metal debris from virtually any surface
2.    Sweepers use non-magnetic aluminum housing so they are lightweight
3.    Nail sweeps and other vehicle mounted sweepers come with an optional load release feature that makes removing metal debris from the magnet as simple as pulling a lever
4.    All products are Made in the U.S. A. and come with a lifetime guarantee

"Oil and natural gas pipeline supply companies have come to rely on Shields Company magnetic sweepers because they are the strongest and most reliable equipment in the industry," said Shields Company CEO Charlie Shields.

One factor driving the increased usage of magnetic sweepers on pipeline construction projects: safety. Specifically, the American Petroleum Institute's (API) goal of having zero incidents on American pipelines over the next two years. To reach that goal, API released its 2017-2019 Pipeline Excellence Strategic Goals & Objectives report that stresses the importance of using a construction quality management system (QMS) to ensure that pipelines are built according to the highest quality standards.

By using magnetic sweepers to remove all ferrous metal from in and around the constructed pipeline, the potential for failure, leakage, or other incidents is greatly reduced. Other industries rely on Shields Magnetics products for the same reason. Our magnets act as an insurance policy to protect an organization's valuable equipment from the damage that unwanted ferrous metal can cause.

Oil and gas companies interested in purchasing magnetic sweeping equipment can purchase sweepers through the website at Additionally, companies can inquire about a volume discount on equipment by calling the company at: (800) 799-4408

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